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As a mom, I am sure you have been through the dilemma of deciding a party menu for your kids birthday parties.
Add fun to healthy fruit and cheese by chopping them up into cubes and then assembling like a Rubik cube!
Jill of Kitchen Fun with my 3 sons shared a lovely idea for creating Ernie and Bert snacks using bananas and oranges. IMO, whether or not you are having a Sesame street party, these characters are so well loved that they will make a great addition to any kids party menu.
Spook your treats for a Halloween party or any other celebration by adding some chocolate chips to the bananas and inserting a celery stick in peeled oranges or tangerines.
To ensure that the bananas do not completely brown, lightly sprinkle with lemon juice or orange juice.
Another version of these yummy caterpillars is made of cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls on a bed of fresh basil. A marker pen and a triangular piece of fabric is all that you need to make these cute, bandana and eyepatch wearing, pirate friends for a Pirate party theme! Just like the pancake skewers above, make healthy kebabs more interesting by adding fruit and veggie slices as separators.

Or turn juicy strawberries into cute chefs by giving them chef hats made of banana slices, soft cookies and pepper caps with kiwi slice collars. Make your fruit salad even more interesting by serving it right from a monster’s mouth! Lata Tokhi is a Mom, Wife and Web Entrepreneur with a passion for Entertaining, Decorating, Travel and Vegetarian Cooking.
I have been striving to cut off junk food from my kids meals these last 5 months and have been quite successful in my mission so far. Serving healthy options in an eye-appealing manner makes it perfect for kids birthday parties. Watermelons especially lend them to many shapes and sizes but you can use any fruit and even try to create the cubes in colors you are using to decorate. Anything cut into shapes using simple biscuit cutters is always more likely to be gone first.
I have rounded up 25 creative and healthy party food options with fresh fruits and veggies that will be gone within minutes.

Slice kiwis thickly to form the body and place a whole grape to make the head using a cocktail stick. Vegetables like cucumber and fruits like watermelons lend themselves beautifully to shapes.
Along with liquorice strings for the tails, slivered almonds for ears , liquid chocolate in a mini-nozzle, a mini chocolate chip for the nose and some cheese to tempt the mice! Some of them even make for great themed party foods and the best part is that most require only chopping and assembling time. Break the second satay stick into three pieces and prick the bottom of this strawberries onto the banana. Also you could make your wedding ceremony stand out without a fortune to be spent on….

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