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The foods and drinks we consume have an important effect on our physical and mental wellbeing – for better or for worse.
The Guidelines are based on the best available scientific evidence about food and nutrition. There are five main guidelines (below), plus specific advice about the types and amounts of food and drinks to consume, and those to limit, for a balanced diet that meets our energy and nutrient requirements. The Australian Dietary Guidelines 2013 provide specific recommendations on the amount of food to consume from each food group each day, for a balanced diet. Consuming the recommend amounts will provide you with adequate energy (kilojoules) and nutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc) for your age and gender. For example we combine bread, cheese and salad to make a sandwich, and we can combine chicken, vegetables and rice to make a stir fry.
Plus, choose water as your main drink; and include small amounts of unsaturated fats, oils and spreads. Discretionary choices can be enjoyed occasionally as part of a balanced diet, but only in small amounts. The revised Australian Dietary Guidelines were released in February 2013, with an increased focus on foods and food groups, instead of nutrients, making them more user-friendly. The recommended number of serves to consume from the milk, yoghurt, cheese and alternatives food group has slightly decreased for children under 9 years, and slightly increased for people over this age. The recommended number of serves to consume from the grain (cereal) foods has generally decreased for most age groups (except for pregnant and breastfeeding women).
A daily allowance for unsaturated fats, oils and spreads has been included for people over 2 years old.

The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating (below) accompanies the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines. It shows the five core food groups according to how much each contributes to a balanced diet.
It’s a new initiative by Nutrition Australia Vic Division to inspire and motivate 18-23 year old Victorians to choose fruits and vegetables as ideal snack and breakfast options. Nutrition Australia NSW has been awarded funding from Parramatta City Council to run a Multicultural Cooking Program. Learn how to promote healthy eating in your workplace for improved employee health and better return on investment. Join us at the WHAA Melbourne and Perth half-day conferences as we present an evidence-based framework for creating sustainable change in your organisation. Breaking news: the new graphic icon representing the 2010 US dietary guidelines and replacing the food pyramid, which will officially be announced by the White House next Thursday is in fact a round graphic, a dinner plate or a wheel (not to be confused with a pie chart, cake or pizza pie)! You heard it first on Lighthearted Locavore yesterday in "It's Official: Food Pyramid To Be Replaced" when I said "I have my fingers crossed that the soon to be released graphic is a round plate half filled with colorful fruits and vegetables.
I'm still unclear how the current food pyramid lasted for nearly 20 years as there was a constant stream of criticism about how confusing the pyramid is,  never mind that it was a politically charged document crafted by food industry lobbyists in part, and hierarchical, with good foods on the bottom and less good foods on the top, to the point of being wildly misleading. Australia's Guide to Healthy Eating is a plate representation with almost half fruits and vegetables.
Sweden has taken the study of the plates one step further, to address the carbon emissions of their food supply, proposals to the EU contain an environmental impact number giving equal weight to health and climate.
The Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition, a global think tank, addresses climate and environmental issues along with food with its "double pyramid".

They apply to all healthy Australians, as well as those with common health conditions such as being overweight. They also have an increased focus on the effect of food on health outcomes, in particular weight gain, heart disease and some cancers.
It is a food selection guide which visually represents the proportion of the five food groups recommended for consumption each day. It is based on the recommended food intakes for 19-50 years olds, but it is generally applicable to all ages 1–70.
The program will celebrate foods from a diverse range of cultures and empower Granville area residents with the knowledge and skills needed to achieve a healthy diet in their own culture.
Marion Nestle, nutritionist and former FDA insider, has done a great job over the years writing about dietary guidelines, including on her blog, Food Politics. Andrew Weil, natural health and wellness doctor and one of my favorite integrative nutrition gurus, has his "anti-inflammatory" pyramid which emphasizes a plant based diet rich in fruits and vegetables (I love that chocolate rests on the top!) as does Harvard with their "healthy eating pyramid". They do not apply to people who need special dietary advice for a medical condition, nor to the frail elderly.
Department of Agriculture, the dietary guidelines symbol, the "food plate", is reminiscent of a colorful painting by Mark Rothko, the Russian born abstract expressionist who paints in bright, yet earthy colors (always in rectangles and never ever in a circular shape). Since I started blogging, I've been to Morocco, Israel, Palestine, France and Italy -- check out my mouthwatering photos.

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