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This is a great recipe to get the kids involved in.  Making the batter in a quart jar provides for both easy coating of the hot dogs and a fun opportunity for younger chefs to shake up the ingredients.  So crank up the summer tunes and turn lunch into a fun activity!
Place cornmeal, flour, baking powder and salt into the quart jar.  Secure lid and shake until ingredients are combined. Dip hot dogs into jar several times to coat with batter making sure all parts of floured hot dog are coated.  Let excess batter drip off.
After my father had an accident with oil when he was frying chicken that lead to severe third degree burns on his hands an arms I am terrified to fry anything.
I have a different corn dog recipe that I make and freeze to take the place of Jimmy Dean breakfast corn dogs, I have microwaved them before, wrapped loosely in a paper towel, set microwave on about 70% strength, for one minute.
Though I appreciate all the passionate comments regarding the way we feed our families, I need to request that everyone abstain from putting each other down or using aggressive language here on Out of the Box Food. I LOVE a good corn dog and i am excited to find a “homemade” way to make them tasty and better for you! Tried it, loved it, kids couldn’t get enough- thanks and keep the great ideas coming!!
I doubt I’d try the corn-dog-on-a-stick variety, although I like looking for healthier alternatives to so many of the every day fare we eat here, but cutting them up and putting them in a muffin tin? With all due respect to the nutritionist above, my understanding of seed oils is they are NOT to be fried in period. When we were doing the elimination diet a year or so ago (and eggs being one of the no no foods) we came across an eggs sub.
My new thing is figuring out how to make waffles and chocolate chip cookies now that she is also allergic to cows milk- the chocolate has milk in it :(… Anyone with a recipe let me know!

You don’t have to worry if the parents feel comfortable with their children eating unhealthy food and the kids still will love it! I don’t know why, but when I went to make mine, the batter was thick (it didn’t drip off the hotdog) nor would it stick to the hotdog without me having to use my fingers to rub it on, but even then it would hardly stick on to it!!!
Keeping up a blog is an incredible amount of work and I wanted to make sure you knew how much you are appreciated and respected for your wonderful ideas and all the effort. I don’t understand why people leave such comments when other people are just giving suggestions to a better way of eating. That really helps Next week my son’s school is having all sorts of activities for the kids and they are feeding them. Since hot dogs are taller than that, are u placing the hotdogs horizontally into the pot with the stick and everything submerged? Corn dogs are on the menu for one of the days, so I want to bring these for him so that he can still eat what everyone else is eating, but a more nutritious version. It worked great, the only change I made was use Sunflower oil for frying (which is pretty much the same as vegetable oil but lighter in flavor). The fat in coconuts is saturated fat, which is normally bad for you, especially when found in meat and other animal products such as milk and cheese. Thanks again for helping us find ways of creating some of the fun, newer (post 1920 era!) recipes with healthy ingredients. I have researched oils and the grapes send oil is only ok in small amounts, as it is very high in Omega 6′s. I am learning all the substitutions but any idea what I could use for this corn dog recipe?

That works really well for recipes that include baking powder since that helps with rising, and also that would be good with a hint of fruit like cakes and waffles. The saturated fat in coconuts, however, is made up of medium-chain fatty acids versus the long-chain fatty acids found in meat and dairy products.
The cord dog batter flattened as some of the batter ran down the sides of the dog into the pan but enough stayed on top to still make it taste yummy! Medium-chain fatty acids (or medium chain triglycerides, abbreviated as MCT or MCFA) found in plants is easy for the body to break down and turn into energy. I really want to make these for my kids, since I have been buying the frozen ones, and I know how bad they are for them!!! I find that recipes are best when the original includes only 1 egg instead of trying to replace 3 for example. The author does a very extensive study on fats, that is not politically correct but accurate! My favorite cake recipe is super easy: 1 box Duncan Hienz super moist yellow cake mix + 1 cup unsweet applesauce + 1 cup water.

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