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They key with these tips is to know that simply eating smarter and healthier is only part of the change you might need to make for a healthier lifestyle.
As evidence mounts that cardiovascular disease can be prevented, managed and even reversed with changes in diet, the American Heart Association has made eating for heart health a central theme (especially during February, American Heart Month).
For patients newly diagnosed with heart ailments, there is more proof than ever of food's role in treatment, says Rachel Johnson, who has a doctorate in nutrition. Eating fiber-rich whole grains, at least three servings daily of about one ounce (roughly one slice of bread).
I’ve seen countless friends weep over a basket of breadsticks after giving up carbs or attempting live on juice for weeks on end. Swap Egg Yolks for Egg Whites – There are healthy nutrients in egg yolks, but they are packed with cholesterol and fat. Burger Joint Swaps – It seems the burger, wonderful on its own, is getting makeover after makeover.

Slim Down Guacamole – Guacamole is an excellent substitution for mayo and or an amazing alternative for for creamy (fattening) dips. When I indulge in something high in fat or sugar I usually end up not feeling well afterwards. Johnson says read labels "to make sure that the first ingredient listed is whole grain.
You can easily swap out egg whites and get the same effect in your baked goods and most dishes. However, you can take it a step further and shave calories by using half avocado and half cooked zucchini in your own recipe. Johnson says the AHA has been working closely with the food industry to lower the sodium content in processed foods. Eating with family and friends is a great way to bond or experience different cultures, but it can lead to some healthy issues.

Rumors of cows been injected with hormones and the meat being treated with gobs of chemicals may or may not be true, but when cancer hit our family giving up red meat a priority. Avoid those fatty additions and stick with veggies, mushrooms, American cheese, and guacamole instead of bacon, mayo or blue cheese.
It will be a thrifty way to make a meal stretch and get you to eat more veggies and less saturated fat packed meat!
OUAM has covered the debate of turkey VS ground beef more in depth here at 10 Little Tips for Big Lifestyle Changes a€“ Weight Loss, but the key is looking at the meat you are buying at the grocery.

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