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Or perhaps its just an idea you’ve dreamed about most nights before reaching for the phone to call a pizza. I was wary that some of the food may be a little bland or uninteresting, when in fact I was blown away by the majority of dishes. Alex found it wasn’t quite enough for him though, being a big eater and with the dishes being of slightly similar portion to mine.
Maria and JP, who are from Colombia and Venezuela, respectively, launched Fit You Meals in February 2015. When you set up your home-delivery system (did I mention you don’t have to go to a store?), you get to pick the portions and sizes of the meal items coming your way. They add a nutritional spin with ingredients such as coconut oil and coconut sugar and make everything from scratch — sauces and dressings included. Maria and JP responded with the offer to sponsor food for the next event on May 21, which brought in about 100 guests on May 21. Menu items are rotated every week, with six traditional options every week and six vegetarian options every week.
I loved trying this for a week, the food was yummy and nutritional and it certainly made me feel better.
Would you be willing to spend this much on a meal plan, delivered fresh and delicious to your door?

JP had high cholesterol, and Maria’s mother, Olga Brown, was pre-diabetic and suffering from gout and high cholesterol, in addition to other age-related medical problems.
Filling our cupboards with fibre, vitamins, proteins and healthy snacks, in order to kick the unhealthy food habit.
You choose a menu of food that suits your dietary or nutritional requirements and you let Soulmatefood know your food loves and hates, as well as your body stats (so they can get the right amount of food to you).
It means that you do not need to eat outside of this regime, and by doing so, you will help get your nutrition or diet back on track.
At ?180 for a weeks worth of food, it would cost myself and Alex ?360 a week following this plan.
But the price is a big investment and I feel only for those that either have a great need for healthy foods, or those that cannot be bothered to cook. Healthy and interesting food can be difficult to find in your local Tesco, often costs a lot more in your usual weekly budget and leaves us scratching out heads as to how to make the ingredients taste incredible when combined together.
Some of the dishes were especially yummy, combining foods you would usually eat but without the added treats on the side. That is a lot of money, for two people who are not desperate to diet and on regular London wages.
For most, and I know I include myself in this, it leaves you falling back into your old ways and opting for an easy and simple dinner, or pizza, or curry, when you just cannot be bothered to inspire yourself to cook.

Such as a caramelised onion and goats cheese frittata for breakfast, BBQ pulled pork bun with broccoli slaw that was incredibly moreish for dinner, with lemon chicken bites as a snack at 3pm.
Whilst I appreciate healthy living is a big investment, in terms of your weekly food shop going up considerably, I am certain that a couple could spend a lower amount of money, and be able to make similar dishes that are just as yummy?
Each day was different, with a variety of breakfasts, lunches and dinners and it was exciting to check out the days menu in the morning. So if you were wondering as to the quality and taste of the food, I give it a big thumbs up. Its just that this gives you convenience and is perfect for anyone with a fast and busy lifestyle. For those that have a little more disposable income, and need some help with dieting or getting their nutrition right, this might be a great investment for a month or so, just because it saves you from accidentally treating yourself, or snacking when you’re not supposed to.

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