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In a 2000 national YMCA poll of a research sample of American teens what would you guess teens rated as their #1 concern? We learned in the first article posted here how family mealtime can create stronger families and better communication among loved ones. University of Illinois research found that children ages 7 to 11 who scored well in school achievement tests spent large amounts of time together at family mealtime. Children with regular family mealtime also show better adjustment and fewer behavioral problems in school.
Harvard researchers studied 65 children over 8 years looking at which activities most fostered healthy child development: play, story time, family activities, and other factors. In addition, frequent family meals are linked to emotionally healthy teenagers in a study by psychologists Bowden and Zeisz. The majority of research on family mealtime shows that the stability and communication at the table remains very important for kids and their positive development! In addition, research also shows that eating together is an important part of building a strong family by improving family communication.
Comments (0) ‹ prevnext ›1 of 20 Tina Rupp The truth is we could all use guidance in choosing the right foods and preparing meals that don't take ten hours.
For instance, steamed broccoli with butter may not be as appetizing to them as sprucing it up with a sauce made up of a creamy low fat soup, topped with a low fat cheese.  The possibilities are endless, they never have to know their meat choices are low fat or their grains are whole grains. Experiment to find some of the best healthy recipe’s to serve the entire family which can definitely include low sugar, low fat desserts, and no one but you will ever know the true facts except how delicious and “healthy” your meals are.  It, of course, does not mean you cannot treat yourselves to an occasional meal out, just keep it healthy at home to compensate for that infrequent fast food rendezvous. Now that we have covered the extent of a nutritional menu plan for the lives of our children .
We as responsible parents should require at least a couple hours of this type of activity each and every day.  Besides those natural choices, they do provide some better videos games these days that incorporate some required physical activities, such as the various WII games and if the children need to be indoors, this is the next best choice .
Teens #1 response, “not having enough time together with parents” was their top concern!Surprised? Research also shows that kids who eat together as a family four (4) or more times a week are more likely to get A’s and B’s in school. In a Louis Harris & Associates survey of 2000 high school seniors, students who regularly ate family dinner scored better than those students who didn’t.

Research shows language skills were significantly better among the children ages 2-5 who ate regular family dinners with their parents. And interestingly, the students scored well whether their mom’s worked full time, part time, or not employed outside the home.
Family mealtime was found to be the most important activity to promote healthy, well adjusted children. A Washington State University article explains in a series of focus groups conducted by the Nutrition Education Network of Washington where participants said they believed the primary benefit to eating together was strengthening the family by allowing for more opportunities to talk and build relationships.
On her television show, five families were asked to eat dinner together every night for 30 days and keep journals to record their conversations and feelings about the experience.
Too often, our lives are filled with work, trashy television, and precious little time building family relationships.
Children of all ages, and especially teenagers, are craving regular, uninterrupted time in conversation with their parents and family. The results crossed all racial lines and were a greater indicator than whether the student was in a one or two parent home. Researchers believe family dinners are an excellent opportunity for children to have longer conversations with parents and expose them to a greater vocabulary of words than they would otherwise hear except around the family table. The teens that were best adjusted had family mealtime with their parents on average five times a week. An extensive University of Michigan study of children’s time found that more meal time at home was the single strongest predictor of better achievement scores in school and fewer behavioral problems. In the beginning, the family meals where a chore and the conversations where stilted and difficult. Living a spirit filled life is about reaching out to each other with love, true compassion and without judgement.
We have a 10 year old (you know how hard it is to get them to talk!) and she is excited to pull and read the first card each time.
But the most nutritious eats in the world won't help in the slightest if you or your kids won't actually eat them.
There is no better time or opportunity to create that connection than around the family dinner table.

Researchers believe that extended conversations provide young children with a chance to think, verbally communicate, and enhance their linguistic skills. These teens were less likely to use drugs or be depressed and were more motivated in school and had better relationships with their family and peers.
Meal time was far more powerful than time spent in school, studying, church, playing sports, and art activities. By the end of the month, the families that participated said they were happy with family meal time and planned to continue on a regular basis even after the experiment was over. Here are three picks for each meal of the day from Missy Chase Lapine, author of The Sneaky Chef book series—ranging from good to better to shoot-for-the-dietary-moon best.Make sure the snacks in-between are just as nutient-filled by looking at our 32 Healthy Kids Snacks Recipes.
The teens who ate family mealtime less were at greater risk for using drugs and alcohol, more likely to be depressed, had difficulty getting along with others, and had trouble in school. The greatest surprise was how much the children really enjoyed the experience and looked forward to continuing the family meal time because it provided a dependable, uninterrupted time to talk with their parents. Bowden said that family meals seemed to play an important role in helping teens cope well with the stresses of adolescence. It's less processed and lower in sugar than the flavored kind and has loads more protein, fiber and antioxidants from the berries.Raspberries can also be used for a delicious, healthy lunch or dinner. It's got the sustaining fiber and protein you need in the morning and is also low in sugar.
Crack an egg over the top during the last few minutes of cooking, then sprinkle with salsa. Ladle tomato soup (made from scratch or the low-sodium boxed kind) into a bowl and float the grilled cheese on top, a la French onion soup.
Slice a piece of salmon into strips and cover in plain yogurt mixed with lemon juice and dill. The shrimp is a good source of omega-3's—and the veggies add a whole alphabet's worth of vitamins (A, C, D, E, K).Shrimp can also be used for healthy lunches.

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