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Another part of the study determined that a group who exercises lost no more weight than a group who dieted but did not exercise.
A final determination of the study revealed that those who exercise often engaged in rewarding themselves with foods they shouldn’t eat because they had exercised.
Both healthy eating and exercise are necessary for a successful weight loss program and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
The more intense the exercise, the more your metabolic rate is stimulated and can be slightly higher for several hours after exercising. What they didn’t determine was which group actually lost more fat and not a combination of fat, water and muscle.

They also found a small pattern with school kids who exercised as part of physical fitness at school would be less active during the day and those who didn’t exercise tended to be more active. Enter your e-mail address to receive a short notice when I make a blog post, or have important news or information you wouldn't want to miss. The article didn’t explain in detail the research but if you dig into the actual details you see that there are issues with their conclusions. If you cut carbs you’re going to lose water weight first and that can be a substantial amount during the first two weeks. They determined that exercise alone will not burn a substantial enough amount of calories to make a huge difference in a weight loss program.

If you’re not doing anything to maintain muscle which is what burns a tremendous amount of calories, then your body loses it.
If you walk on a treadmill for an hour and burn 300 calories, you haven’t made a significant dent in the amount of calories needed to lose a pound. During that time his estimated metabolic rate,according to his device, remained between 4 and 5 calories per minute.

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