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Created to accompany our Eatwell - 8 Healthy Eating Tips roller-banners, this postcard is also a perfect standalone summary of Food Standards Agency advice on healthy eating.
Now go out there, grab your bathing suit and remember these helpful tips to look even better by the end of the summer! Eating healthy shouldn’t get in the way of your social life, but sometimes eating out + eating clean can be intimidating.
You’ll receive my “10 Simple Steps to Lose Weight Without Dieting” guide when you subscribe! It can be difficult to look and feel your best with all of the conflicting information out there about what’s actually good for you and what isn’t. I'll help you to trade some of your old bad habits for some new healthy ones, specifically tailored to your lifestyle and based on your health goals.

You'll also get support and accountability to help you stay on track and motivated in a way that is flexible, fun, and free of harsh restrictions! Get health tips and delicious recipes right in your inbox, PLUS my 10 Steps to Lose Weight Without Dieting guide, FREE! As a former emotional eater and one who has tried virtually every so-called "diet program," she has achieved permanent weight loss through the discovery of her exclusive non-diet approach to weight loss, the No Diet Weight Solution.
Code 466 has a white top and subtle numbers, whereas Code 467, featured here, has a yellow top (in keeping with the Change4Life programme), and has bright, bold numbers.
Pre-made patties are usually made with a fattier meat, they're more processed and you don't necessarily know what's in them.
Carbohydrates give your body the necessary energy it needs to keep up and at 'em during the day. It's your choice! Our banners are really HUGE - about the size of a door - so they make a terrific display.

You can eat more for the same number of calories which makes you brain think you're getting more food! Drinking water also keeps you full and makes you think twice about whether or not you need that snack. It will help your body absorb the nutrients from your salad and give your body the fat it needs to keep going strong! I know we all want to look good in our bathing suits this year, so here are some healthy eating tips to follow for this summer!

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