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Hopefully some of these ideas inspire you to start enjoying a healthier, more creative dieting lifestyle! I lost 14kgs in 5 months and have kept it off in the past 3 months through calorie counting.
I have come to the conclusion that in order to serously lose weight and then keep it off you do have to be obsessive. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There are many important things that we need to teach children as they grow – but they have many natural behaviors that we shouldn’t try to change. Since sleepwalking into the Panamanian darkness at age six, Kristy Holland has craved adventure—and found it. To get the best possible experience using the web we recommend that you upgrade to a newer version of your web browser or give another one a try. Syns (short for Synergy) are the little treats that help your weightloss stay beautifully on track.
This street food snack of spicy chickpea and potato cakes can be found throughout the length and breadth of India.
Biscuits from childhood often bring back fond memories - adding to their status as comfort food! Don’t shell out a fortune for Syn-laden sarnies, our quick and easy lunchbox frittata is the real meal deal!
You definitely want to make sure you’re getting a good balance of healthy fats and oils as well as fiber and complex carbohydrates. Check out our article on breakfast burrito recipes for step-by-step directions and tons of tasty variations. Make sure to share your favorite low calorie recipes, tips & tricks in the comments section below.
They are high in vitamin, minerals and low in calories… definitely add taste to any meals. I always have fruit salad in the morning, salad for lunch, and whole wheat pasta for dinner. But whenever I mention it to others they suggest that calorie counting is a touch obsessive. I made a new years resolution to lose weight and am trying to create some low cal meal plans. From the time they are born, babies know when and how much they need to eat – and they cry to let us know too!

Infants turn their head away when they have had enough to eat, and toddlers will throw a plate of food on the floor when they’re done. Being hungry, tired, or frustrated are sure to make a child crabby and they affect adults the same way. Kids naturally prefer to eat smaller meals with snacks in between whenever they get hungry. Children are born with a natural preference for sweet foods and quickly learn to enjoy fatty foods. Since babies and toddlers must be fed by their parents, they naturally love eating with other people. After a full day, children need a good night’s sleep to prepare for all of the adventures that tomorrow will hold.
Here’s a low Syn version of gingerbread biscuits; it’s up to you whether to make them into gingerbread men!
Those 100 calorie snack packs are fun and tasty every once in a while, but the number one thing to remember while on a diet is that you need to make every calorie count!
Even had plenty of opportunities for little freebies, such as wine or beer or a small pudding occasionally. But as adults, we clean our plates because “there are starving children” somewhere, out of obligation or just because something tastes good (even though it never tastes as good as it did at the beginning). Become your best self-parent and take care of your needs –instead of taking it out on everyone around you.
Good nutrition is essential, so providing a variety of appealing, healthful foods will benefit the whole family. Too bad most adults have learned to associate physical activity with punishment for eating.
Young kids love to run in the grass, play on the playground, and challenge themselves and each other to increasingly more difficult activities. They don’t waste a lot of energy worrying about what has already happened or what might happen tomorrow.
These asparagus and red pepper muffins take minutes to make and use whatever ingredients you fancy! Make sure to bookmark our blog and check back frequently for new tips and easy-to-follow recipes to aid you in your healthy eating lifestyle!
Also, you should add low-cal drinks ideas too because I want more ideas on whatto drink on weekends. By the time we are adults, most of us have learned to eat for many other reasons besides hunger – mealtimes, tempting food, advertising, free food, stress, anger, boredom, reward and celebration.

I am not suggesting that we start throwing our plates on the floor again, but we need to remember that food is abundant in our society so there is no need to eat it all now.
In fact, studies show that overly restrictive food rules cause children to feel guilty, ashamed and lead to rebellious eating. If they observe us eating a variety of healthful foods and exercising regularly, then they will learn to take good care of their bodies. You don’t have to avoid parties to manage your weight; just focus on the real purpose of social events – to be social! Of course, as they get older, television, computers, and electronic games compete for their attention. They are fully engaged in small pursuits like discovering where the ants are going, chasing the dog, or seeing how deep they can dig with a plastic shovel. By recognizing the difference between needing to eat and wanting to eat, adults can re-learn when and how much to eat too. Sounds like the last time you weren’t “allowed” to eat something “bad” on a diet, doesn’t it?
Likewise, if they don’t hear adults making comments like “I am so huge” and “She looks fat in that,” then they are less likely to suffer from poor self-esteem and a judgmental attitude.
Each member of the family takes a turn telling the others about the best and worst parts of their day. In our family, to encourage other activities, we use “screen time” which limits how much time our children are allowed to spend on anything with a screen.
We, on the other hand, continue to scurry around, chasing after our dreams, and all the while, digging ourselves deeper and deeper.
Children and adults both eat healthier when they learn to enjoy less nutritious foods in moderation without deprivation. Everyone tastes two bites of everything; if they still don’t like it, they don’t have to eat it – but they have to try it again the next time we have it.
Sometimes adults would benefit by limiting their screen time and exploring their world a little more.
Since that is “The Rule,” there are no battles at the table and the kids often surprise themselves by liking something they thought they wouldn’t.

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