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Thank you to my sister Michalene for this awesome guest post on Eating Healthy on a Budget! There are so many misconceptions with healthy eating and the cost of living a healthy life.A  Many people have the idea that eating healthy can be too expensive, especially for an entire family. There are other ways to save money on healthy, fresh foods.A  It may take a little researching, but it is well worth it! Homegrown Produce – If you have an area in your yard that you can turn into a small garden, you can save a fortune! Believe me, your wallet will thank you for taking the extra step.A  You may need to check online or in your community newsletter to find where these options are offered. Even if you are only growing a few types of vegetables during the season, seeds cost significantly less.A  This takes dedication though, so make sure you plan ahead for this option.

Frugal Fanatic is her place to share practical ways to save money, make money and tips for everyday life. I was always the one to just make a meal with whatever we had and if there wasna€™t enough time then fast food it was. This way you are not wasting food because you are in a hurry and dona€™t have time to portion it as youa€™re running out the door.
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Since you will also be buying meat in bulk, cut and separate the amounts according to your recipes and store in the fridge or freeze for later.A  This is all about convenience!
I am printing off your suggested shopping list now as I type this for my trip to the grocery store this weekend.

Choose the best system for your household.A  You can incorporate other family members in this step as well, it is fun family bonding time! By planning and preparing for your meals, less food is wasted and you dona€™t have to worry about throwing away money when fresh fruit and vegetables sit too long and spoil.
The easiest way to do this is to plan your meals over the weekend and do your grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week ahead.

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