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Connecting farmers with under-served communities provides access to healthy food for needy neighborhoods and new avenues of profit for farmers. Danny Morgiewicz of Morgiewicz Farms in Goshen, NY has been raising an impressive assortment of produce that he markets directly to a loyal customer base for the past 15 years. These days it seems almost beyond belief that with the multitude of hardworking and creative farmers like Danny and his brother Joe, and with many more talented fishermen, cooks, bakers and more just a short drive away, some NYC neighborhoods are still considered “food deserts,” where residents have few options for healthy eating. With the slogan: “We envision a world in which all people are healthy,” Harvest Home Farmer’s Market (Harvest Home) is one tangible step towards closing the “food gap”—the chasm that exists between the food systems available to the poor, and those available to everyone else. From a farmer’s perspective, working with markets, especially those in low-income communities, presents a unique set of challenges as lower-income markets cannot always command the same prices as markets in more affluent neighborhoods. Being willing to adapt based on farmer feedback is also a valuable tool to ensuring the success of farmer’s markets in any neighborhood. With a creative and flexible outlook, markets in lower-income neighborhoods can be a win-win situation for farmers and shoppers alike. Danny Morgiewicz agrees, “People need to understand we’re a seasonal farm, everything we bring to market is guaranteed fresh off our farm. Sara Milonovich is a consultant with Harvest Home Farmer’s Market, a freelance musician, and a Hudson Valley resident who lives on a 3 acre organic CSA. The Cornell Small Farms Program is a part of Cornell Cooperative Extension and is based at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Segars: It’s actually kind of hard to choose because all of them (HIIT, strength training, yoga, Pilates, stretching, low impact cardio, kettlebell, etc, etc) all play such an integral part of a well-rounded program, but if we had to pick we would go with high intensity interval training because it’s so efficient and effective, as well as strength training, also because of its effectiveness and for the fact that it can be incredibly empowering to see and feel yourself getting stronger. Delva: If you could recommend one fitness program to all of the people that want to start their journey with fitness from Fitness Blender channel, what would it be? Segars: While we do have beginner friendly and low impact programs (check out either our eBooks or our online, calendar based programs) fitness is such a personal, individual thing that we all have different starting places. Segars: Embrace a wide range of workout training styles and implement them often, eat nutritionally dense, whole foods.
Segars: There is no overriding authority to check certifications, qualifications or claims with the information being shared online by many people and companies.
Find out the differences in ground beef lean points and which one you should select for your next recipe. As the world's largest ground beef producer, Cargill Beef is taking leadership by responding to consumer inquiries and transparency concerns at the retail level with multiple initiatives aimed at increasing transparency in its communications, packaging and use of Finely Textured Beef.
We plan to continue providing consumer transparency with additional updates being made to the Our Certified brand and other Cargill Beef branded products and packaging formats in the U.S.
However, with our third child, I am desperately in need of ways to make my life easier and that has meant having some help when it comes to baby food preparation. Created by mom Jennifer Miles, this baby food company uses 100% USDA certified organic ingredients. Lizzy’s Garden makes it easy to give your baby wholesome, nutritious, and 100% organic baby food and the chance to give your baby the very best right from the start. If you have any questions about how our Little Swappiesevents work or feedback for us, we would love to hear from you. And while some of that customer base is in the farmer’s markets of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn, a significant portion of his farm-fresh produce can also be found brightening the tables of low-income neighborhoods in Harlem, Coney Island, and the Bronx. New farmers and vendors are actively encouraged to apply, particularly producers of meat, dairy, and value-added products such as honey, preserves, pickles, oils, nut butters, spices, canned or cured products, baked goods and more. In spite of the current attention being given to health (and taste) benefits of locally produced food, fresh produce still remains a luxury out of reach to many who lack the means to afford good quality food.

For some growers, a successful strategy has been keeping prices stable throughout the season, even as prices at supermarkets may fluctuate. One challenge brought to light by many farmers is the lack of available workers to help sell their products. Through organizations such as Harvest Home Farmer’s Market, farmers can take advantage of new opportunities to expand their sales into places that otherwise would be inaccessible. We wanted to make reliable health and fitness information something that was accessible to everyone, regardless of their income or access to personal trainers or even gym equipment. Too many fitness programs emphasize purely appearance and superficial goals over attaining a strong, healthy, and capable body. The most important thing, no matter your starting place or goals, is that you are willing to listen to and respect your own body, as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Drink lots of water and make sure you find ways to manage stress (exercise is an excellent option!). We do however hope that it switches from “mania” to a longer lasting, more permanent mindset that this isn’t a fad, it’s something that you have to really embrace throughout your entire life – not just something that you do before bathing suit season is around the corner! Unfortunately our industry sees health and fitness as a business and not as a service, and so useless (often times even dangerous) supplements, “vitamins”, and meal replacements are monetized and sold to the masses. Check out our Q&A section for everything from ground beef history to preparation and proper storage.
I personally enjoy the break from constant breastfeeding and it is incredible to see her explore new tastes and textures.
Their products are not only chemical-free but also made with no preservatives, fillers, pesticides, artificial flavors or additives. In spite of long hours, rush-hour traffic, and weather-related worries that accompany any farming operation, direct-to-customer sales are what have allowed Morgiewicz to expand his crop plan to include many diverse offerings. Census Bureau report, have incomes below $18,530 for a family of three – meaning that they often struggle to put food on the table. Harvest Home, which operates New York State’s largest network of farmer’s markets in low-income neighborhoods, reinforces its market activities with community wellness projects such as cooking demonstrations.
This benefits the farmer by creating a loyal, dependable customer base, and benefits the consumer by allowing him the ability to consistently budget for food purchases. This labor shortage problem resulted in an innovative partnership between Harvest Home and Hostos Community College’s Continuing Education Department to establish a certificate program that will train residents in the skills necessary to work at farmer’s markets and farmstands. Even more importantly, it allows fresh, local food to become a staple in the diets of children and families who are otherwise denied access to high-quality nutritional food. We love that we have been able to change people’s minds about exercise being uncomfortable, painful, and dreadful, and instead turn it into something that they are fortunate enough to get to do for themselves, as a means to become healthier, live longer, and move more easily throughout their entire days and lives.
We always encourage people using any of our many different levels and training styles of workout programs to move at their own pace; finding the balance  between pushing yourself, and learning to read your body’s signals, even if that means stopping short a few reps or seconds of an interval here and there. Sure, you can technically sometimes temporarily lose weight by cutting calories, but it’s not all about weight loss, and you’re setting yourself up for a lifetime of deprivation, no wiggle-room whatsoever in terms of intake, and you’ll be missing out on all of the incredible benefits of exercise. Equally useless equipment is pushed as necessary, and borderline comical fitness trends come and go in an effort to do something “new” and flashy, where we already know that a healthy diet and exercise work.
With our older children I was able to make their own baby food, and thought of it as a great way to ensure that they were consuming wholesome and organic foods. The company is committed to establishing a foundation that will help your baby build healthy and sustainable eating habits by creating accessible, fresh, and organic offerings.
Stage one uses single ingredient pureed dishes such as applelicious, simply squash, simply carrot, pear crazy, sweet potato treat, and zesty zucchini.

Some crops, such as parsley and cilantro, specifically satisfy the demand of ethnic communities his products reach, and others are broadly popular with the general public.
Harvest Home regularly witnesses the real-life circumstances behind the statistic that more than 3 million New Yorkers live in food-desert neighborhoods.  These neighborhoods have very limited access to good quality produce – many residents’ nearest marketplaces are bodegas that sell a few vegetables, often wilted – along with a prevalence of fast food. It can take some outside-the-box thinking to come up with creative solutions that make sense to both farmers and shoppers.
The program will provide a reliable source of workers to assist market operators and farmers with market duties such as managing markets, staffing tables, and processing payments. Combining access to healthy food with the education needed to best utilize these newly-available resources allows market patrons to make good nutritional choices and make culinary use of a variety of agricultural products as they come into season. The idea is that you push yourself a little further each time, and exercise never becomes a painful, detestable, or defeating activity, meaning you’ll come back and do it the next day, and the day after that…Adherence is of paramount importance, so you want to be careful to never set yourself up to hate exercise.
We see many online trainers taping into a person’s desire to look a certain way, and then completely taking advantage of it by selling them products that they don’t need, promising results that they likely won’t deliver. Stage two is for babies six months and older, and consists of paired ingredients and spices such as a butternut squash dinner, peachy peach, homemade apple and pear sauce, sweet pea dinner, and more. More personal and more profitable than wholesale for Morgiewicz, that direct relationship with his customers is part of what makes selling at markets worth it: “One of the rewarding aspects of retail sales is dealing with the people.
The result is high concentrations of diet-related health problems like diabetes, obesity and hypertension. For instance, in 2013 a grass-fed beef producer brought more expensive cuts of meat to farmer’s markets in lower Manhattan, tailoring his offerings for lower-income neighborhoods by diversifying the cuts of meat offered.
You should aim instead for optimal nutrition in the form of real, whole, unaltered foods that make you feel great, and exercise that boosts your mood, your confidence, strength, endurance, and ability to live a long and healthy life.
The rewards will be more confidence and energy, improved appearance, better health across the board, and a sense of empowerment from challenging yourself, treating your body well, and finding a healthy relationship with your body. Better-supplied supermarkets are often a long bus or taxi ride away, and the time and money necessary to get there render them out of reach. With emphasis on more affordable cuts of meat in quantities that could feed a family, his meat products began regularly selling out.
If you focus only on one factor of this two part equation, you’ll be ripping yourself off of all kinds of invaluable benefits. One without the other is a setup for failure or a lifetime of struggling, at the very least.
We have also tried the sweet pea dinner, which is a combination of organic sweet peas, organic brown rice, organic garlic powder and organic onion powder. And while many people who live in poor areas would be happy to eat healthier meals, they often need clear, practical information about how to cook fresh produce on limited budgets and they need to understand that healthy eating does not mean abandoning their ethnic traditions.
With a bit of flexibility and an open-mind, this type of market could be a great fit for both farmers with an existing market schedule (allowing them to expand their sales potential by hitting new markets on the same travel days) and for new farmers looking to test the waters of selling at farmer’s markets.
This gentle introduction to flavors and food combinations simplifies the combination process for me while also offering our daughter the chance to experience new foods.
Just as importantly, parents and children must experience for themselves the pleasure and fun of preparing and eating healthy family meals.  Expanding the variety of products offered so that markets can become one-stop-shops can allow shoppers to stock their pantry or prepare a complete dinner from one location. Other modifications that can help make these kinds of markets more accessible to farmers include offering vendors the option of signing up either for a seasonal slot (i.e. Knowing that one-size doesn’t fit all when it comes to market schedules and having a willingness to consider each participant on a case-by-case basis can be essential in providing a quality experience for every vendor, since the needs of a vegetable grower may be quite different than those of a beef producer or a baker.

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