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Leave it to my friend, Holly Clegg, to come up with an spring dessert that’s delicious, gorgeous and healthy. Easy to make, and layered in a trifle bowl, you may not have realized sweet potatoes could be an ingredient be in a delicious dessert. Posted in Baking, Desserts, Recipes and tagged Holly Clegg on April 2, 2012 by Anne-Marie Nichols. Click on the title of a recipe or the photo of a dish to read the full recipe on its author's blog. I always wanted to participate in South Vs North Challenge (SNC) since I started blogging and finally the day has arrived.
Elephant Foot Yams can be used to prepare a variety of dishes like yam roast, masiyal, kootu, chutney, kababs, cutlets etc.

This is another simple curry which is a good accompaniment with rice.I love anything prepared with senai kizhangu and this is one of my favorite curry. If you publish original recipes on your blog and want them listed on Very Good Recipes, submit your blog! Around the dinner table or outside hunting Easter eggs, everyone loves to dive into a luscious, creamy dessert.
No one has to know that they are getting important vitamins, nutrients and fiber - but I can assure you it will be the hit of the family.
The perfect sweet to make when you’re in a hurry, wonderful!Terrific Tidbit: 2 cups fresh cooked Louisiana yams = 1 (29-ounce) can sweet potatoes.
Proper care should be taken while cutting this vegetable as some may have itching sensation.

Register to discover and share recipes with other bloggers and readers passionate about cooking. But if you see this yam, which is like a super large yam or potato, it does indeed resemble an elephant’s foot!

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