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And then a couple years ago, I saw a recipe in Everyday Food magazine and it changed my omelette world.
Since clean eating is pretty new to me, I did some research and found out it’s not a new concept.
Ia€™m married to the coolest guy ever.We live in sunny Southern California with our four crazy boys!

It had a handle like a regular saucepan but it had two half circles in the shape of a circle that were hinged in the middle. Youa€™ll find her sharingA healthier, budget-friendly, family-friendly, and easy dishes withA some yummy desserts thrown in, too! There just might be something to this clean-eating thing!A I’m so excited to get more clean eating recipes from some of my favorite bloggers!

You could add whatever toppings you like and then flip one of the sides over to meet the other side and a few seconds later – omelette supreme!

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