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Remember everything in moderation so a little bit of alcohol is ok, especially if shared with friends and or family in pleasant settings. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The best "near sugar" sweetener out there, made from Birch Trees, LOVE THIS SWEETENER!!! Green juice is alkaline, meaning it will balance your pH and give you clean energy to start your day.

The Japanese and Chinese are know for living healthy long lives and both of those cultures drink hot tea regularly after their meals.
I say mineral water because mineral water contains trace minerals which are important to the cells in your body.
Here you will find great healthy drinks recipes that can give you benefits such as: a stronger immune system, a better mood, and a reduced risk of cancer to name a few key ones.
Most tap water in the USA contain fluoride and chlorine making it not one of the healthy drinks.

It will hydrate you, which is important but it will not provide those trace minerals from the earth.

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