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His work in this area is far from over; in fact, it gains momentum with every new signature of his food revolution campaign, demanding that every country of the G20 takes action in food education. Jamie Oliver is on a mission to banish ready-meals in his next TV series.After shaming the Government into adopting his healthy school dinners and exposing the plight of intensively-reared chickens, he now hopes to revive home cooking. To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. Jamie Oliver's school dinners have helped improve exam results and attendance, according to a report. An independent study showed the performance of 11-year-old pupils eating Oliver's meals improved in science and English, while absenteeism due to ill-health fell by 15 per cent. The key stage 2 results of more than 13,000 children in Greenwich from 2002-7 were analysed to gauge the impact on performance of Oliver's healthier meals and compared the results with other key stage 2 pupils in seven London boroughs that did not follow Oliver's meals. It’s not just his charm, idyllic family life and the fact that he can (and has) cooked delicious feasts out of bare cupboards.
His radical approach exceeded the budget, increased the workload and caused panic among students who wondered where on earth their Turkey Twizzlers and chips were.

He introduced a boot camp led by the army’s catering division, teaching dinner ladies how to cook vast amounts of healthy food efficiently. Diet-related diseases are on the up, and there are currently 42 million obese children worldwide.
You could host an event, organise a challenge, or put on a healthy snack sale in a school or your office. The as-yet-unnamed series begins in Rotherham, where the chef faced opposition to his school dinners campaign from mothers who passed junk food to their children through the school railings. The findings, from a report by the Institute for Social and Economic Research (ISER) at Essex University, focused on schools in Greenwich, southeast London, where Oliver launched his healthy eating campaign with Channel 4 in 2004. It’s also the passion that he has sparked in the discussion around school dinners; he has woken up parents, teachers and authorities to the absolute necessity to feed our children healthy lunches.
It’s a fantastic way to raise awareness of the global issues surrounding children’s diets, whilst spending time with your kids, getting them involved! If he succeeds, Oliver, 32, will take his crusade to get people cooking from scratch across the country.

Pupils who sat exams in 2006-7 were on the new diet for at least 12 months, and researchers found the number of pupils reaching levels four or five had risen by up to 8 per cent in science, and 6 per cent in English. The series has been inspired by the Ministry of Food, which was set up to reduce malnutrition during the Second World War.
We just started delivering for our children but it's just taken off."And Mrs Critchlow blamed Oliver for creating the situation. The results are fantastic - it's the first time a proper study has been done into the positive effects of the Feed Me Better campaign. During the campaign, Oliver hired nutritionists who found most school meals contained less than half the daily recommended amount of iron - known to improve children's development and concentration. Oliver's new menus, adopted by 81 out of 88 primary and secondary schools in Greenwich, banned processed foods such as Turkey Twizzlers and introduced iron-rich foods such as red meat, pulses and green vegetables.

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