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Take away sushi may be one of the dinners you count on, but learning how to make your own homemade California rolls keeps options light and makes for a fun activity.
Fast-food burgers are such a simple grab, but if you take the time to create your own spicy vegan chili burgers, the flavours will be fresh, and you can load up on a heaping helping of veggies. Vegan portabello pizzas in a cashew basil cheese sauce are easy to make, take the carbs out of the equation, and are a perfect any time feast. Forget the heavy meat-laden strombolis from your past, and say, "Hello," to a healthier baked stromboli, which helps you load up on delicious veggies.
If gyoza and shumai are your guilty pleasures, you can have your wontons and eat them, too.

Re-create the fresh Japanese flavours you love in your own kitchen with this fresh tuna sushi bowl recipe, filled to the brim with an inventive mix of bright and colourful produce plus tender, sustainable albacore tuna, full of B vitamins, protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It may seem like a low-calorie meal, but a store bought chicken burrito bowl with all the fixings like salsa, cheese, and sour cream can weigh in around 745 calories. The high-protein, vitamin-A-rich sweet potato pizza crust keeps a nice crunch on the outside and tastes like an extrafluffy mashed potato in the center.
Opting for simple sesame chicken wings that are baked and not fried will allow you to enjoy them even more. Chard and tofu wontons in sambal soy sauce keep things meat-free and give you a helping of yummy greens.

Even better, half of this pie offers over 20 percent of recommended fibre for the day, so unlike your standard neighbourhood slice, this pizza will keep you full and satisfied hours later. Consider low-sodium soy sauce and lightening up on the hoisin and honey to make them an even healthier dinner. Whether Asian, Italian, or Japanese is your go-to order, click through and prepare to be inspired — and hungry.

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