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For many of us, this is the time of year when finding a balance with food can be a challenge.
Sweets, desserts, drinks, and treats are plastered all over cooking shows, magazines, blogs, and grocery stores everywhere we turn.
Einstein said that insanity is a€?doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.a€? and I kind of live my life by that theory. Over the next few weeks, Ia€™ll be featuring 12 days of healthy meal recipes** that will hopefully inspire us to stay on a healthy path over the holiday season. I just want to say I love your blog, I’ve been reading it for a while now and it’s just fantastic!! This is my cats first Christmas and I’m so excited to see what she does to the Christmas tree!! We have two new kittens in our family this year… so far the tree is still standing, but there are always one or two ornaments on the floor when we come home from work. And I agree with Rhona above- it is very refreshing to find normal, healthy recipes amidst all of the sugar and butter. It will be such a welcome change from the decadence going on around here from time to time.

I stumbled across your Green Monster site a while back which lead me to here, and I can honestly say reading it is what inspired me to start eating better. Thata€™s not to say that I wona€™t be indulging or posting a couple holiday sweet recipes (it is me youa€™re talking to!), but I also want to make more of an effort to fit in healthy meals whenever possible.
I’m making your Holiday Soup for the Soul for a dinner get-together to prove that veg food can taste good as well as be healthy.
I have a month off from school with tons of time to cook up healthy dinners, so I’ll be looking forward to some inspiration! This is a refreshing stance on the holidays because all over the blogosphere, people are discussing how okay it is to indulge right now (and of course it is) but to see you making an effort to stay on a healthy path this season and sharing is inspiring.
My creativity gets sapped from other things and I have no energy to think of better dinners or new things to try out.
Ita€™s easy to start thinking that chocolate fudge makes the perfect daily breakfast staple or washing vitamins down with spiked cider is totally normal. I love sweets and indulgences as much as the next person (ok maybe morea€¦), but Ia€™ll be the first to admit that too much of it can leave me feeling tired, unmotivated, and blah. Eric and I are both busy with work right now (he just started a new position and Ia€™m wrapping up my cookbook proposal), so we need these healthy meals to stay at the top of our game.

I’ll be looking through your recipes for ideas – I definitely see quinoa, squash, and kale making an appearance! The sugar overload started this weekend and I am already feeling yuck (and am out of ideas for healthy dinners!). Half the fun is reading your posts, they have so much personality, and I LOVE looking at your photography, it makes me want to try everything immediately, and it makes such a difference to the overall look of the blog! I’m a post grad student now (in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, not too far from you!) and during my undergrad I ate terribly (typical). Plus, more healthy food means more room for Secret-Ingredient Chocolate Pudding, of course.

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