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Since you may be in massive dinner planning mode with the new year, I wanted to share a ton of my favorite meals.
For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to really plan our meals in advance and be prepared ahead of time with LOTS of variety. I’m bookmarking this post for permanent reference…there are so many fantastic ideas here! One of my new year resolutions is to master a new home cooked meal – this post will serve as great inspiration! I just made the Reset Button Salad from Shutterbean and Sausage, Kale, and Black Eyed Pea Soup from Bev Cooks.
One of my favorites that my mom used to make that is super simple is Sausage, Peppers, Apples and Onions. Thanks for sharing, it’s a good way to eat clean and still have food that taste good.

Hi, just curious what recipe is pictured in the second group of pictures, the one with the green onions on the top? Welcome to the Sweet Phi blog where you'll find, simple, sweet & savory recipes, including the Five Ingredient Friday series and other fun travel and cooking adventures.
These are the meals that we constantly eat for dinner – the ones on permanent rotation.
One of my new years resolutions is to make a new recipe each week, so this certainly helps.
I am trying to get back on track with meal planning and eating healthy after the holidays and I am totally going to use this for inspiration! Those meals are wonderful, and perhaps you included this, but never discount a good ole slice of toast with mashed avocado on top!!
These are what I consider some of my favorite healthier meals – the meals that we go to when salad and chicken are just way too boring.

I hope to carry it over into the new year so we don’t end up eating something for dinner that I really prepped at 10AM for photography purposes. For me, healthy dinners can still include things like moderate amounts of cheese and brown brown and heck, even a little bacon every now and then.
If those don’t jive with you, feel free to leave them out, swap them for something else or just use this list as some general inspiration for the new year.

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