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Le smoothie est un dessert tres tendance a base de fruits mixes auxquels on peut marier, selon ses preferences, du lait, du yaourt, du lait de soja ou de coco. Qualites nutritionnellesMalgre sa consistance tres agreable, le smoothie ne contient generalement pas de creme glacee, ce qui en fait un dessert plus leger que le milk-shake. Derniers avis Avis Chat Malade : Les Signes Qui Doivent Vous Alerter Avis Traiter Les Pucerons : Quelles Solutions ?

In her mind, weight loss is simple and quick: she will starve herself for a week, then she will lose weight. With natural ingredients like fruits, agave and organic milk, smoothies are one of the best diet meals and treats for satisfying a sweet tooth. A deprived body will be in so much shock that it will splurge on unhealthy meals and gain the weight right back–and then some.

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