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You may have seen these Christmas snacks that our kids have been enjoying recently on our Instagram feed.  ((Are you following us?
Create the trunk by rolling a slice of deli ham into a one inch wide roll-up and folding it in half.  Slice the bottom off to create a straight line if you wish. My favorite part of this snack are the snowflakes.  I created them by slicing some string cheese into wheels, then carefully slicing little triangles out of them (from the outside in).
I made this snack by first making a turkey and cheese panini sandwich on our Cuisinart Panini grill.
After placing it on the plate, I spooned some cottage cheese around the bottom of the plate and left a little gap where Santa’s mouth would be. Next, I created his hat and nose with some strawberries.  Finish the look of the hat with a little whipped cream and finish with some raisin eyes.

I made Rudolph out of a peanut butter sandwich.  Leave the round (top) part of the bread in tact, then slice into an oval for the main part of the body as shown.
A little pine tree made of sugar snap peas completes the look of Rudolph’s flight through the air!
The bow was made out of a slice of ham.  I cut one full slice from the deli into quarters, and rolled each up as big as I wanted it to be for the parts of the bow. Please feel free to use any of these ideas with your children at home, school, church, or anywhere you are inspired to make fun of lunch.
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Making food look good definitely helps children enjoy it a lot more :) Thanks for sharing these great suggestions for us parents.
I’m just mailing the idea to several close friends ans on top of that expressing around tasty.

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