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I love making this crock pot roasted chicken recipe because it really makes pulling together a fast and flavorful meal so simple. MelAus PartnersHEALTHY WHITE CHICKEN CHILI RECIPE CROCK POTWith me recipes includehealthy cooking. It’s a fun dish for parties that adds a tasty twist to the standard meatball-and-toothpick app.
The recipe calls for using frozen turkey meatballs, which I recommend because it will make the dish a lot healthier….which means you can feel good about gobbling up more than one!

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I am always willing to try out new healthy options and it sounds like tempeh might be my next venture. It sounds like you are a guy who knows his way around the kitchen ?? Don’t be afraid of soy though!
In fact, the phytoestrogens in soy (which sound scary to men, I know!) have been shown to be particularly helpful for protecting against hormone-sensitive prostate cancer—and in East Asian countries where soy is a dietary staple, prostate cancer mortality is significantly lower than it is in the United States.

Two large population-based studies (one published in 2003 in Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers Prev.

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