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It’s only October, but perhaps the excitement of school lunch packing and eating has already waned among your crew.
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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. One of the toughest transitions that we have gone through, when school started full day for our family, was the lunch transition. We have faired pretty well with the main course meal though in the near future I’d like to begin branching out a bit more. My friend Sherry from Superexhausted shares some GREAT healthy snack ideas on her blog too. A woman out to explore, celebrate, and enjoy everything that my community and living locally has to offer. Thanks for a great list, I am always trying to remember the choices we love and you have them so easy to find!
This is a constant battle in my house because my son wants the same snack every single day.
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While nuts are healthy and tasty, these are problematic in school settings because someone usually has a significant peanut or tree nut allergy. This topic was mentioned last night on the MedFriendly Facebook page where one person suggested raisins and banana chips.
Some websites which have discussed this topic give choices that are clearly very healthy such as bean dip and broccoli bites, but… seriously, how many 3rd graders really wants to eat bean dip or broccoli bites?
After doing some thinking and reading, I’ve listed my top 7 quick and easy choices for healthy lunch snacks that most children will actually eat. If you thought that people could only have horns growing out of their body in science fiction movies, think again. Whether or not to choose organic food products over conventional is regularly a hot topic of debate.
You’ve all heard of the Elephant Man and have perhaps seen the famous movie of the same name.
We’re here to help with inspiring ideas that are both palate-pleasing and easy to make.
Moving from eating lunches at home to eating lunch 5 days a week at school was more difficult than I thought. She generally will take a cheese quesadilla or a PBJ sandwich and then she buys lunch once a week.
Fresh fruit – Often I will pack strawberries, blueberries, grapes, banana, or a clementine.

Muffins – C loves her homemade muffins so when I make zucchini muffins, banana muffins, or carrot cake muffins, she is all about having them as her snack! Organicasaurus Cheese Puffs – I was introduced to these bad good boys at the Natural Products Expo East and they are a great thing to add into a school lunch and feel good about! Multigrain Cheerio and Cranberry Treats – Check out my post on Homemade Healthy Snacks for Little Ones for tips on how to make these delicious treats! Homemade Fruit Snacks – I have yet to try these but need to for sure as I am sure C would love them!
Trailmix – Make up a big batch by mixing cheerios, dried cranberries, nuts (if there are no allergies), and maybe a few yogurt covered raisins for a surprise. Apple Chips – I have yet to try these but my kids adore apples and I think the would really like these.
Roasted Chickpeas  – These sound like an excellent way to give crunch to something super healthy!
Veggie Chips – Kale Chips, Tomato Chips, Sweet Potato Chips…you name it, these are so easy to make a big batch of and then eat all week long! Blessed with three beautiful children and an incredible husband, our family embraces adventure while dreaming of what is to come. I love making up a bunch of snacks on Sunday night so the kids have healthy stuff to grab on the go all week. I’ll bring the list with me to Giant today to see what I can find besides the fruit we bought this morning. My kids pack their own lunches and when we have healthy choices at home it’s so easy for them to add them to their lunch.
After all, it is very easy to just throw in a bag of potato chips, a candy bar, or a lollipop and most children will be perfectly happy with that. OCEAN SPRAY CRAISINS: Dovetailing off the raisin suggestion above, Craisins are a delicious healthy snack most kids will eat. VEGGIE CHIPS: Many children will actually enjoy veggie chips by having them focus more on the color than the taste. MEAT JERKY: All natural and organic beef jerky is a tasty treat for kids who want something besides fruit and veggies. KASHI PRODUCTS: Available in most stores, Kashi sells a variety of healthy but tasty food products, including cookies and brownies that most children will enjoy.
With school back in session, one of the many tasks of being a mom includes packing our kiddos a healthy filling lunch to keep them focused through the school day. I have a slight obsession with coffee, cupcakes, capturing moments through my lens, scary movies, and my pug Chloe. We also offer top tips on streamlining the lunch packing process and creative ways to offer meals that stretch your food and your budget. Now on the snack end, though we have a million possiblities choosing, some of those options get old after a while. Lover of knitting, running (although mostly after little ones right now), the color orange, fun accessories, fall, tea, and a clean kitchen floor.

My kids also love when I get gold fish and I will make a trail mix with goldfish, raisins, sunflowers seeds, and chocolate chips.
I even talked this morning about how I’m over packing lunches and it’s only January! It produces mucus in the body, which ends up as a layer in our intestines and hindering the assimilation of nutrients.
They common in many different fruity flavors and have a candy like sweet taste while remaining healthy. Young At Heart Mommy is my cozy corner on the web where I share how to keep the journey of motherhood fun through love, laughter and lots of caffeine. For instance, here are 6 vegetarian school lunches you can make from family dinner leftovers.
She is not a lunch meat girl and certainly not a girl that takes well to change (she takes after her mama), especially when it comes to food. I spend my days in awe of my family and trying to teach my three to treat others as they would want to be treated. Also, in my opinion, yellow raisins are much tastier than black raisins, yet I never see them in the small boxes.
But most parents don’t have time to make home made products such as fresh granola and are looking for something quick and easy.
Check out my version of the Turkey Sandwhich and a couple of other fun healthy ideas to pack your children.
If you know fruit is one healthy food your child will always eat, try packing one of these 6 lunch box fruit options she is sure to love.
Even worse, to digest the milk, the body ends up taking calcium from your bones and tissues. Some sites suggest making kabobs out of fresh fruit but that runs the risk of children hurting someone with the left over skewer sticks.
Here are 7 kid-friendly alternatives to the played-out classic that may become the new faves. This can be bad if the oil is partially hydrogenated but good if it is extra virgin coconut oil (non-hydrogenated). If your child (or you) tote a bento box to school or work, get fired up over a week’s worth of bento box ideas to pack for yummy meals. And since the goal is an empty lunchbox coming home at the end of the school day, here are 7 ways to make school lunches more fun and delicious!

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