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Cute lunches your kid will actually eat, and ideas that won't take more than minutes to make! Every iVillage mom knows feeding kids (semi) healthy food is a struggle from baby to teen, and making lunches can quickly become same old, same old.Parents in Japan have solved this problem by making crafts out of cuisine with Kyaraben, cartoon bento and oekakiben, picture bento.
No shortage of what you can do with a cookie cutter, and we like that Bento Mama has put together a healthy lunch by choosing Annie Oh's organic bunny crackers to complement this Easter-themed lunch box. These sweet snails look like they might take ages to make, but in fact are--brilliantly!--just sliced rolled up sammy slices. As you well know, kids love "helping" and getting involved - especially in something edible and fun! Pop culture has always had a way of making it into every aspect of our lives, especially when we have kids (remember Ninja Turtle crackers?) So it only makes sense that Muppet mania has found its place in school lunches with the recent release of the new Muppets movie. Working with nori (dried, seasoned sheets of seaweed) may seem intimidating, but it's as easy as cutting out a couple strips.

Bento-making mama Susan has cleverly double-purposed a ladybug cookie cutter for this cutie, and it's a nice way to round out a classic tomato-and-cheese sandwich and fruit lunch. This bento features 2 gluten free products that I love – Glutino crackers and Glutino yogurt covered pretzels. Included in this snack bento are some of the last of my purple carrots from my garden ( I will miss them – sob!) some sugar snap peas, cheese, turkey breast, a satsuma orange and blackberries.
I made one of the pretzels into a little mummy guy – I used a strip of yellow Soy Wrapper that I moistened with water and stuck to the back of one of the pretzels, then added 2 candy eyeballs – voila! Now the trend has spread to North America.The concept seems complicated: crafting cartoon characters out of cheese? Another bonues is that no special container is required, and this will make even the pickiest, sandwich-only child happy.
Show your little one some love by baking heart-shaped muffins or cookies (if you’re running late, a heart-shaped cookie-cut sandwich will do).

Choose one in a shape your child loves (think cars, stars, hearts, anything with a distinct outline, really) then make your own dividers using colourful muffin cups or other small, flexible shapes. One hungry caterpillar ate his way through a wholesome lunch that all primary schoolers would love.
I’m planning on making some vegetable soup to go with this for lunch on this chilly, blustery day. My 14 year old is my home schooled son, so it’s nice that I can have more lunch options for him ( My 16 yr.

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