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If you live in Prague, or even anywhere else in the Czech Republic, but don’t speak Czech, then this web page is just for you. From personal experience I know that maintaining your health and nutrition while abroad can be a real challenge.
I provide nutrition and health consultations via telephone, Skype, and in my home consultancy in Prague 9 — please contact me for more information.
Practically my whole life so far has been devoted to health, illness prevention, and nutrition. Interviews in the top Czech media outlets: Reflex, OnaDnes, Sama doma, Radiozurnal, Dobre rano etc.
So, it is very important to balance the diet and maintain the eating habits of the children.

Healthy Plate is a new variant on the outdated Nutritional Pyramid, which is unfortunately still used in a whole host of European countries. This not only gives them a healthier lifestyle, but, in the later stage of life, it has also been proved that healthy eating increases their chances of avoiding various diseases, and help them cope better with some circumstances.Balanced dietNutritionists and dietitians suggest that children be given food rich in protein , which enhances attention period and decreases the level of strain.
The composition of the plate reflects modern scientific findings, shows the best way to maintain a healthy body and a healthy weight, creates a solid foundation for health and for the prevention of illnesses, and also supports effective recovery.
I would like to help you not just with preparing healthy life habits in the Czech environment, but I can also advise you about buying quality food products on the local market.
In my work, I use proven findings from all branches of medicine, and I place great emphasis on illness prevention.
Omega-3 rich food such as fish, almonds, or walnuts, should be made a part of their Daily diet.Milk consumption should be increased.

I regularly publish articles, give presentations and organize seminars, and I am an advocate of healthy nutrition and healthy eating in schools. Fruits and salads should also be taken at a good amount as they are low in caloriesand full of nutrients, which means that they are richHealthy eating habitsin vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber.

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