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Olive oil is now seen as highly nutritious, good for the arteries and withstanding change at high temperatures. The delicate fish recipes of Sybaris for example, were renowned throughout the classical world.
The main ingredient of each dish is olive oil, never lacking in the Calabrian larder, together with home made tomato sauce, aubergines and salami. Pork is an important ingredient, and a popular dish is the "frittula", hot pig's skin eaten with warm bread.
Catanzaro is well known for its "murzeddu or morsello", its own specialty, made of tripe, cow's heart and lungs, well seasoned with herbs and spices and served in a "pitta", a round roll of flat home baked bread.
Traditional to Calabria is "baccala' spugnato", soaked salted codfish which In some areas acquires a particular flavor, probably from the water. In the Crotone area, "sardella salata", small blue fish salted and seasoned with powdered red chilli peppers and olive oil and eaten spread on bread as an appetizer.
Aubergines are one of the basic ingredients of Calabrian cooking, and are extensively used. There is also a vast assortment of cakes and perhaps more than any other aspect of Calabrian cookery, sweet things are most intimately linked with genuine local tradition, especially at Christmas and Easter. Another typical cake is the "pignolata", made of small balls of sweet pastry fried in olive oil and stuck together with honey, found in most of the region.
As far as cheese is concerned, mention must be made of the delicious Sila and Pollino cheeses, particularly caciocavallo, a soft, fairly strong provola, and "butirro", provolone with a butter centre. Calabria has a vast range of wines, and each part of the countryside seems to have its own. On the coast plains of Calabria, in the small villages and towns, you can find "aracicarias" and "eucalyptus" trees, that easily grow here thanks to the favourable climate as well as vast palm groves and robust ficus trees, that give the fruit known as "Indian figs" as well as the more usual figs.
Discover the truths about real food and learn how to be the happiest, healthiest person you can be.
In the past few years, connoisseurs such as Veronelli and Carnacina have often included Calabrian recipes in their references to Italian gastronomy. The small red chilli pepper turns out to be a vasodilator and whole meal bread fibre is good for the digestive system. Nevertheless, imagination and necessity in people often isolated for long periods have supplemented this simplicity with inventiveness in food preparation.

Admittedly, the most original Calabrian recipes call for lengthy preparation and a lot of work, and the housewife may have to start cooking at dawn, often using methodical ways. It is always served with a meat sauce, made of well-cooked pork, often mixed with veal and goat meat (in the Greek area, Bova).
The so called small meats, lamb, kid and goat, are renowned, and a well-known dish is "Capra alla bovese" (Vutana): goat meat boiled with herbs is popular, as is char grilled kid, eaten throughout the entire region. Butchers' shops in Reggio Calabria still keep a hot pan near the door, in which the tastiest morsels of pork are cooked in their own fat. Traditionally, it is grilled in an herb, olive oil and vinegar sauce or served "alla marinara" with tomato and parsley.
This probably arises from the fact that, in a relatively poor economy, sweets and cakes are considered luxuries to be enjoyed only on great occasions. Torrone (nougat) is made at home but also industrially, and is thus of economic importance. Excellent is the cow's milk cheese made in very small quantities by the monks of the San Bruno monastery, at Serra San Bruno, like the goat's milk cheeses from Aspromonte, made at Bova, Roccaforte del Greco, Staiti, Motta San Giovanni and Roghudi, Connoisseurs consider the Calabrian goat's milk cheeses as some of the best. Much appreciated by the ancient Greeks and Romans, Virgil and Pliny sing the praises of the fruit of the vine, and it is certain that in antiquity, Calabria was the land of wines (hence the name Enotria), and over a hundred varieties of vine were known there at the time of the Greeks. Basile, Saracen, Cassano at the Ionian and Frascineto Pollino Vines: grape Gaglioppo at least 60%, Greek black, white Malvasia, MONTONICO black and white Guarnaccia at least 20%. Kick-starting your health and wellness journey can be quite daunting, and The Real Food Revolution provides a fun environment to do so. In addition a lot of indirect publicity has been provided on an international scale by dietologists who, with the Americans to the fore, have discovered that Mediterranean cooking and particularly Calabrian, is one of the healthiest. Numerous historical references attributing noble origins as well to Calabrian dishes are found in Greek and Latin literature, preserved for us by 16th century scholars, such as Girolamo Marafioti. For this reason, apart from the many characteristic restaurants, rural traditional cooking is found mostly in the inland villages, where few of the women go out to work. Often the aubergine is served as a main course such as "melanzane alla parmiggiana" baked with Olive oil, tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese. In almost the whole region at Easter, the "sgute" or "aggute" or "cuddhuraci"or "cuzzupe", cakes are made, in the shape of a handbag with a handle.
Generally speaking, Calabrian red wines are better than the white, and such is their strength and body that they are widely used to "cut" a large number of Italian wines, including the renowned Barolo, as well as foreign.

This rare tree needs certain climate and soil conditions in fact it only grows in Calabria throughout the whole planet. But many other recipes include aubergines, like "melanzane ripiene" (stuffed), "caponata" (fried aubergines, peppers, fresh tomatoes and onions), roasted, skinned and seasoned with olive oil and garlic, and grilled with olive oil, garlic and parsley.
One or more hardboiled eggs are inserted in the pastry and the top is decorated with symbols. Another Christmas cake is the "pitta di San Martino", made of candied fruit (the polistena "pitta" is particularly good).
The controlled origin wines (DOC) in Calabria are now Ciro' Melissa Lametia, Savuto (along the Savuto river), Donnici, (upper Crati valley, Cosenza province) Greco di Gerace (a white wine, Gerace area) and Sant'Anna (isola di Capo Rizzuto).
It is not used for food purposes but for the oil that it gives when squeezing the external part of the fruit, known as the "essence of bergamot". Learning how food can improve your life and increase your energy levels is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Another traditional cake is the "nacatula", once eaten at weddings, and also at Carnival time, fried in olive oil. Apart from these wines, of which the world famous Ciro' is outstanding and described as the oldest wine on earth, many others deserve a mention, and though well known, have not been accorded the DOC recognition. The event will feature industry experts and celebrity speaks, covering a range of topics including low-carb diets, blending. The "mostacciolo", made of flour, fig honey and almonds, is another genuinely traditional Calabrian cake, found all over the region, but of great importance, for the local economy, at Soriano Calabro, in the Catanzaro serre. It is exported all over the world to major perfume companies and hopefully will last for quite a while, but it's presence on the perfume market solely depends on the will of the companies to keep a natural product as essence for perfumes or to replace it with a chemical product. A curiosity is the Trasfigurato wine from Seminara, kept in terracotta containers and smoked, There are hundreds of other wines, all good, and the search for Calabrian wines can be a fascinating pastime for visitors wishing to get to know Calabria, not only for what it is but for what it has to offer. It is made in all shapes and is often a veritable haut relief, trimmed with tinfoil, and is still sometimes given in inland towns as a symbolic engagement or wedding present. The figures on it often recall pagan motives (babbaluti)or early Christian fish and bird symbols.

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