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The 90 Day Challenge is in the books and if you look around Facebook there are some staggering successes.
There is no reason Healthy Food can’t taste great while giving you the nutrients your body needs!
A simple blended coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts can be more than a quarter of the recommended calories for one day! Of particular note in the article was a link to a study of soda and it’s link to premature aging of cells. The more I can learn about how soda adversely affects my body, the easier it is to deny those cravings.
Keep educating yourself about healthy food and see how you can keep these strong habits you’ve created during the 90 day challenge going for a lifetime. Spreading awareness about the health benefits of a REAL food lifestyle, encouraging transparency and inspiring change to live freely. Did you know that we have 10 times as many bacteria cells in our body than we do human cells and that all the bacteria living inside our body can fill up a half-gallon jug?
Equally as important is to ensure that you are consuming enough prebiotics because prebiotics help feed and keep our beneficial bacteria healthy. Learn more about fermented foods and start taking advantage of all the health benefits that they have to offer! Janine O’Donnell, former DC Healthy Bites board member, is a Project Manager at Mathematica Policy Research by day and a holistic health coach by night.
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Apart from forming plaques and constricting arteries, cholesterol also affects liver where it is metabolized. Now comes the hard part, continuing to eat healthy food without falling back in to the bad habits that can easily plague us. When I first joined TSMMA it was because I had gained nearly a hundred pounds in the decade since graduating High School. By associating the effects of soda with that of smoking (something I vehemently despise) I am able to remind myself exactly why I love water! For a long time, scientists assumed that these bacteria, despite their numbers, neither did us much harm or much good.

If the bad bugs outnumber the good ones, an imbalance known as gut dysbiosis, a whole slew of issues can arise.
Probiotics are healthy, living micro-organisms that support optimal function in our digestive tracts, and eating fermented foods full of naturally occurring probiotics is the easiest and most nutritious way.
Prebiotics are the indigestible dietary fibers naturally found in food that our good gut bacteria use to flourish and grow. Achieve and maintain optimal intestinal health through proper balance of good and bad bacterial by incorporating probiotics and prebiotics into your daily diet.
Making them at home is easy and fun and you’ll learn everything you need to know at our upcoming workshop on Saturday, November 2nd. Somewhere in between that she enjoys competing in triathlons and practicing Hot Flow Yoga and will soon begin her 200-hour training program to become a Registered Yoga Teacher.
I haven’t tried Dandelion greens yet but I was told by my doctor that they are great for detoxifying.
I think I have stumbled across messages about it that came from four different unrelated sources in the last month or so.
This can negatively affect your health both in the short term and the long term.junk food can lead to stomach fat and obesity.
As junk foods don't provide you with essential nutrients, even though they can be very much sufficing, you feel weakened. Myocardial infarction (a sever heart failure) is due to plaque formation in arteries which demands heart to put in extra effort to pump blood on the down stream.
The sad part is we know how bad the stuff is for us but we are bound by habit and stop in anyway. Basic biological functions such as digestion could become disrupted and you begin to experience gas, bloating, heartburn or nausea. Fermented foods include Kombucha, sauerkraut, coconut yogurt, kefir, miso and other cultured fruits and vegetables. This will not only make your gut bacteria happy but will boost your overall physical and mental health. There will be hands-on demonstration, tastings, and everyone will receive recipes to take home! Janine earned a BS in Communication Studies from Millersville University of Pennsylvania, a Holistic Health Coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Masters Certification in Project Management from George Washington University.

Thank you for all your hard work as a farmer and spreading the message, there is always someone out there listening!
An overpopulation of bad bacteria has been associated with asthma, yeast infections, food allergies, chronic disease such as diabetes and obesity, and mental health disorders. Did you know that when you drink a bottle of kombucha, you’re drinking FOUR to SEVEN microorganisms all at once?? Some examples of prebiotics include chicory root, Jerusalem artichoke, onions, asparagus, garlic, bananas, barley, wheat, rye, and tomatoes.
Over sustained periods of junk food eating, blood circulation drops due to fat accumulation.
This causes two damages to heart - heart fatigues by the continuous extra effort it makes and it suffers oxygen supply. Unfortunately, we live in a society where many things are laden with antibiotics, antibacterial agents, and pesticides.
Besides beneficial bacteria, fermented foods are also packed with nutrients.  Research shows increased B vitamins in yogurt and kefir, fermented seaweed, and kimchi. Lack of vital oxygen, nutrients and proteins particularly can stale your grey (brain) cells temporarily. They’ve taken up residence inside of your large and small intestines where you digest, assimilate, and absorb your food. These all damage the good bacteria in your gut and leave you open to an overpopulation of bad bugs. Plus, fermentation may help your body absorb more minerals, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc. The gut is the largest part of our immune system and these microscopic cells drastically affect your susceptibility to infection and disease. Additionally our diet is a contributing factor with bad bacteria flourishing on the sugar that we eat.

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