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We live in an increasingly health-conscious world where many people are misinformed about our food. Many vitamin drinks use deceptive marketing to misguide you on what you’re actually consuming. Making your own juice is very popular lately, and many people are trying out juicing for the first time. Unique flavors of tea have been popping up at mainstream restaurants everywhere, and as a tea drinker, I’m personally quite pleased with this trend. It’s okay to branch away from water on your quest to a healthier lifestyle– just be aware! Bento boxes, cookie cutters and snacks on sticks - part of these completely awesome school lunches! These drinks don’t contain real juice, but instead contains water mixed with artificial flavors and dye with an insane amount of sugar. They’re generally viewed as a healthy replacement for a meal or even just a substitute for an unhealthy drink. While it’s a vital alternative for people who absolutely want to drink a carbonated beverage  – it’s not a perfect substitute.
Tea offers many health benefits, but there are certain things to look out for when purchasing tea at the store.
Remember to stay away from excessive amounts of sugar or additives and always read the labels.

That’s why whenever a new, easy health trend comes along, so many of us are quick to jump on the bandwagon.
The bottles fool you by claiming each one has two or more servings, so make sure to multiply the amount of sugar accordingly. If you make your own smoothies at home using real juice, fresh or frozen fruit, ice, low-fat milk or unsweetened yogurt, you’re doing it right! You’re doing your immune system a favor by ingesting a lot of different vitamins nutrients that come along with juicing fresh fruit and vegetables. The various fake sugars used in these drinks have been linked to depression, weight-gain, kidney problems and reproductive issues. Make sure that artificial dyes were not added to your tea, and when possible, add your own natural sweetener like Stevia or honey.
Think diet pill supplements, snacking in place of meals, the Atkins diet, eating all raw food and juice fasting. Over the next several weeks I’ll be breaking down the facts and combating the myths of current trendy health foods, starting this week with drinks!
However, fruit contains a lot of sugar, so partaking in a juice cleanse without incorporating any other nourishment could result in frequent crashing. Diet drinks and artificial sugars continue to undergo research, but in the meantime, most doctors do not recommend drinking diet drinks regularly. The reason food trends die out like any other trend does is because they don’t work as well as people think they do.

Consuming an excessive amount of sugar is not good for you and may lead to crashing, weight gain and can ultimately lead to diabetes. It’s when you begin purchasing smoothies from various restaurants that they become more harmful than helpful.
Adding a mere penny’s worth of synthetic vitamins to a drink does not cancel out the chemical or sugar intake! If everyone focused on following traditional healthy guidelines instead of uncovering a magical secret, a lot of time and money would be saved.
Cut down on sugar and get your vitamins naturally through your food, or with a daily tablet. That same smoothie also contains 78g of carbs, over a quarter of your suggested daily intake!
A lot of places add ice cream and sugary syrups too, totally defeating the purpose of a smoothie in the process. To sum it up: If you aren’t making your smoothie at home, ask your server what they use in their smoothies, or look up the nutritional information before you go.

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