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These are naturally sweet, meaning they have a subtle sweetness that doesn’t overtake the bars. If you are doing the Cut the Sugar Challenge and are craving something sweet, these will work well for dessert. I hope these Pear Oatmeal Bars will help you stick to your goals in the Cut the Sugar Challenge. I tried these and I hate to say, they seemed to be a waste of my pears ?? I found them to be quite bland and bitter. When I made my Double Chocolate Strawberry Baked Oatmeal Cups this summer, I promised that more flavors of these portable breakfast cups would be coming out of my kitchen. Here’s the fall version that is absolutely wonderful with a strong cup of black coffee. I was actually motivated to make these for Luke, since he refuses to eat anything from a spoon. Because I rarely have time to spend a whole lot of time on breakfast, I mixed the ingredients together the night before and then just baked it in the morning.
I’m pretty sure that these baked oatmeal cups are the perfect breakfast for busy moms who want a quick, yet healthy breakfast for their kids. Note: Since publishing this, I have started making these in these silicone baking cups and love them for easy storage. You can either put the mixture into the fridge overnight or continue with the directions and bake right away.
While Luke was continuing to chow down, Meghan had time to finish the craft we’d started the night before. I guess I do understand a 4-year old mind because I like apples and raisins but I don’t always like them in my food!
I made these but instead of making cups, I poured it all into a 9×13 glass baking dish and it came out amazing! We have made these at least once a week the last three, the kids love them and they are easy and so helpful for when I need to just throw them something! HI, I would just want to ask how long do these last in the fridge after it’s already baked? And there are few better places to settle in for the day (or for a couple days) than the Parker Palm Springs. No game of petanque (or whatever, 30 minute period of watching other people play petanque) is complete without an ice cold beverage.
Miro’s is an old school restaurant serving Eastern European classics like beef stroganoff with spaetzle, beef cabbage rolls, pork schnitzel and goulash. We actually rarely go out in Palm Springs and instead like to conform to what I assume is the predominantly senior demographic and be in bed by 10:30 pm. The next morning we spent more time walking around the extensive grounds, bizarrely being followed by a very persistent hummingbird friend. Oh and I’ve always wanted to stop by those dinosaurs they have off the 106 and we did and it was disappointing and crowded and the Burger King had a long line and flies and their orange soda tasted watered down.
Last week I was fortunate enough to attend an event World Curry put together for their 20th anniversary.
They created a 3 course set menu for their 20th anniversary and they will be serving this menu for $20 from August 10th-30th, 4-8 pm. For the first course, the phaal popper had cream cheese and suuuper spicy phaal curry which is apparently even hotter than its more famous brethren, vindaloo curry. A big thanks to Amanda from Passion Roots PR who set up this whole event and to the DD who delivered us safely there and back, cup of vino in hand.
The post Thailand – Chiang Mai (and Ethical Tourism) appeared first on Sun Diego Eats.
After trudging through busy Bangkok and almost a week spent in and out of the tropical ocean around Phi Phi we flew to Chiang Mai in the north to see a different, blessedly cooler (temperature wise) side of Thailand. As far as the city and surrounding areas it’s smaller and much less hectic compared to Bangkok, more livable but also more wild. This one was quite beautiful inside as well as outside although not sure that wax figurine of the monk is necessary. The last tours we did in Chiang Mai have all recently come under scrutiny for being somewhat unethical.
The elephant riding was part of our day trip and at the time we had no idea that it was so cruel and unethical. Another controversial place to visit (we were also unaware of this at the time) is Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai.
The end of the trip however, culminated in visiting the Kayan tribe (or Long Neck), which my dad was very excited for. Although it was cool to see this remote village on top of a mountain in the jungle it did feel a bit contrived. To not end on a depression note its absolutely worth visiting the countryside around Chiang Mai.
After washing off the larger salt crystals off the shriveled dusty pink petals and pouring hot water over them you get to watch the prettiest show: beautiful translucent flowers slowly uncurling and dancing around the woodsy stems as the tiniest bubbles adhere to their pale pink gossamer.
Make cherry blossom tea by rinsing cherry flowers of extra salt and then pouring 1 cup of boiling water over 2-3 flowers of cherry blossoms and let steep, then cool completely.
They have definitely helped me, even though five batches later I may have eaten one too many.
I’ve been trying to use less added sugar and actually made some chai spiced cookies yesterday- I used a lot of the same spices as you and find that strong spiced flavor really makes up for the sweetness!
Like for instance we don’t get to finish them all and would just like to microwave it the next morning? But with such a lovely hotel with multiple pools, shady secret garden-esque pathways, and the best breakfast + sweltering hot temperatures that made walking to the Vons across the street feel like Bear Grylls trying his luck in the Sahara desert (minus his crafty way to keep cool in the hot sun (don’t click on that link)), can you blame us.

And Palm Springs always has just enough things to do that even on the 362 days of the year when Coachella is not happening its not a bore at all. Virtually everything we got there was delicious and in fact we pretty much just re-ordered the exact same thing the next day. Although they suggest a pastis I went with a Lemon Shandy, which felt more appropriate and in my head packs some kind of hydration power.
Although the sun is gone the temperature cools down and you can hang out in the hammocks (ok there are actually only two and they are hotly contested) or go to the bar for a drink. You would think it would not make sense in Palm Springs but we love going here and are especially fond of the Scallops Rockefeller and Beef Stroganoff. We also finally got some time in the hammocks, I saw a free one and practically sprinted then dive-bombed onto it to hoard it until the rest of our group made it. It had been ages since I had been to World Curry, when I was in college this was a frequent stop for Panang Curry and Thai tea and it was lovely to re-visit after so many years.
Even though nearly any 3 course menu is a steal, you get to sample a variety of appetizers and 2 types of curries. How can we ever repay you for delivering us from the hell that is trying to find parking in PB.
One with more mountains, more jungle, and more elephants albeit a comparable amount of tigers. It seems like right outside the city the jungle is already trying to creep in and a short drive away you have dense foggy forests and the stepped mountains home to nearly neon green rice paddies. I wish I could tell you more about it but I just remember it formerly housing the Emerald Buddha which is a big deal. In short, elephants are not made to support the weight of humans and the process to get them to accept carrying people around all day involves animal torture including sleep deprivation, stabbing with bull hooks and beatings. Despite their many claims that the tigers are not drugged in the end who really knows (note the link is for Tiger Temple in Bangkok not Tiger Kingdom, but still food for thought + pretty depressing stuff). These are former refugees from Burma that are part of a tribe where the women are known for wearing multiple brass rings on their necks, giving them an elongated appearance.
When you walk in the girls are all standing by their booths, selling scarves or pretending to use the loom.
The forests are beautifully lush and dark green, with rings of fog lazily encircling mountain peaks in the morning. When I first found these at Nijiya Market, a Japanese market in San Diego I sort of impulse bought them, not knowing any way to use what are essentially preserved dried flowers.
They may seem bland if you are used to having sugar in your baked goods since these are totally fruit sweetened.
LOVE that the ingredients are so simple and on-hand (added a little local honey), baked them up this morning at 6 ( worried that like overnight oats they may change as they soak up the liquid, but nope, fine, hearty!) and it was such a wonderful smell for my family to wake up to! I made them for me and my friends for our sleepover, but since we all LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEE vanilla and sugar, we added a teaspoon of vanilla and sprinkled brown sugar on top before putting them in the oven. But at the same time not too many things: so it feels ok to ignore everything and just hang out by the pool all day. Except for switching the shared chocolate cake French Toast tower (the very aptly named Chocolate Decadence French Toast – did we mention it includes strawberries, pistachio, Valhrona chocolate sauce and whipped cream) for the slightly healthier albeit less aptly named Waz-Za? I asked the boys if they were hungry to which I got a resounding no, so I proceeded to order myself a Falafel Sandwich with a side of fries.
Or sit by the fire pit for a picture while beads of sweat run down your back and you wonder how long it will take your boyfriend to figure out your camera is on Auto and get the shot so you can get the hell away from any sources of heat.
It’s not trendy or hip in that pseudo-bare bones Ace Hotel way but the food is great, the atmosphere is nice, the service is excellent and the crowd is a bit older than the youths running amock the Saguaro Hotel pool parties. An awesome little establishment that is hipster coffee shop by day and adjacent no-holds-barred pufferfish lamp fixture tiki haunt by night. It was also too hot to really share the hammock with anyone for too long so maybe that’s why they were so conspicuously empty. Bruce and Momo got their inspiration for the restaurant from Momo’s native Japan where they often saw homesick Americans had a fondness for curry dishes. The veggie pakora was like tempura with a more heavily spiced batter and naan is…naan.
You also get a nice view of the city and the tiny bells strung around the temple provide a melodious background tinkling every time the wind picks up.
I think half of my calories from this trip were extracted from these 5 baht sticks of pineapple.
Although a lot of of the wats in Chiang Mai also hold the honor of former Emerald Buddha-houser.
Although we attempted to circle around and get a good look at everything it’s hard to judge what is handmade and authentic and what is mass produced and overpriced. I am not sure that I would patronize these places again, even though I still see many people engaging in these trips. Not to mention the risk of extinction for elephants is at an all time high due to stealing animals from the wild for tourism. They do set some ground rules like no flash, no touching the tigers on their head or approaching them from behind and we did see some very active tigers running into pools and playing with logs and toys. There are estimated to be  130,000 Kayan people and about 600 Kayan residing in villages open to tourists in Mae Hong Kong in Thailand. We talked to one of the girls for a while and she said that most of the scarves are just mass produced but there were a few of the simpler looking ones that they make themselves so she directed us towards those. There are rivers and waterfalls and we traversed the thin muddy paths connecting bright green rice paddies, shaded by giant mango trees and banana palms. Although they do have a delicate floral taste they are also salted and pickled lending them a bite that you don’t really see in something like elderflower or rose.
But I thought it was the perfect thing to add to the slightly too-sweet strawberry sake I had on hand (also from Nijiya) along with some fresh cherries and rhubarb compote (use cherry or strawberry too).

We were worried since it was a more posh hotel that the staff would follow suit but everyone from the valet to the front desk and our cheery server at Norma’s was entirely pleasant. Which yes the question mark is part of the name and it is a waffle topped with bruleed bananas and fruit. The falafel was super crispy and together with the very fresh tomatoes and yogurt sauce this was a perfect lunch for one. The drinks are awesome and the garnishes, fire, dried ice smoke and skull cups are awesome-r. They have been operating this restaurant for 20 years – which in PB years is realistically probably 200 years with so many restaurants that come and go in this busy area. The runaway hit of the night were the chicken Tikka tacos that were encased with soft roti bread and dolloped with the creamiest yogurt sauce.
There were also a few gongs around and every now and then one of the more raucous tourists would take it upon themselves to break all that peaceful jingling with a deep ringing beat of the gong. Despite my dad’s warnings about impending stomach troubles they looked too damn tempting, all impeccably golden spears resting on mountains of crushed ice.
So we just got what we liked and tried some Issan style sausage which I think was good but I could barely taste over how phenomenally spicy it was. It seems that the elephant riding is unequivocally frowned upon but as for the ethics of Tiger Kingdom and seeing the Kayan people there are arguments for both sides. If you want to interact with elephants, instead of riding one or watching them do tricks (there are places where they will paint or do other circus type acts), go visit an elephant sanctuary like the Elephant Nature Park. Women wear the rings for aesthetic purposes although in an attempt to modernize in the early 2000s many women stopped this practice. I did some research online and found that they could be used in a variety of recipes, from topping rice to folded into mochi or brewed into tea. It’s easy to drink and so summer-y and fruity without being one of those syrupy teeth-achingly-sweet cocktails. I’m also considering a coconut dark chocolate version of these cups if they like the apple cinnamon.
So I’m thankful for this recipe so she’s not left out when the rest of the family is enjoying a hearty bowl of oatmeal!
I was especially fond of the Upstream Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon on blinis, a tiny dollop of caviar and the most perfect salty wrinkled little roast potatoes.
As for our entrees, I preferred the smooth pale green Thai curry over the more heavily seasoned tikka masala but nonetheless finished both of these, in the process destroying the neat rice pyramid sitting atop our plates. We were asked to pick between the jungle theme and the Candyland themed room and went with the Candyland because at least it was mostly pastel coloured so you would be able to tell if something was filthy.
Plus these carts were usually covered and for a lesser developed oftentimes chaotic country, I found food in Thailand to be quite clean and never got sick once. Some people say many Kayans that continue this tradition do so for solely for tourism, as these villages commend a relatively steep fee. Even if it was a bit stage-y I wouldn’t mind if the money was going to the villagers and they were doing this willingly.
The boys loved their Scrambled Eggs and Bacon Breakfast Quesadilla with Monterey Jack cheese, guac, and salsa on the side. We were trying to sit outdoors but quickly realized that was the smoking spot and 90F temperatures + cigarette smoke do not a pleasant atmosphere make. For the dessert we really liked that the coconut ice cream was made in-house and the banana fritter was fresh out of the fryer,shatteringly crisp on the outside and super hot.
Who knows what could be hiding in the camo plastered and fake flora bedecked Tarzan suite…Good wifi everywhere tho.
It’s a chance for them to better their English and for you to get to know their lifestyle.
Their facilities are definitely nicer than Tiger Temple in Bangkok and since a lot of the tigers grow up in captivity that could explain why they are so comfortable around humans. There is a debate surrounding the Thai government pocketing most of this fee and forcing the Kayan women to continue with this tradition against their will. If you want to do something that involves an organized tour, we heard good things about ziplining in the jungle as well as motorcycle tours.
If you like shrubs and you get your margarita withe extra salt on the rim this may be the drink for you. My sister got the Normalita’s Huevos Rancheros which I thought could have used a bit more beans but still was very filling. We left with full bellies and spicy tingling lips (does this happen to other people as well).
We hung out at one of these for a while and it was neat to chat to these boys, mostly teenagers, who were so friendly and who live such a different day to day life. Others claim that many of the Kayan are okay with their lives as the funds from tourism allow them to get an education and a life of posing for pictures is easier than the back breaking work they would have had to do in Myanmar. Most impressively, although the bf was a self-proclaimed curry hater before attending this event I think he has now fully converted and we cannot wait to try the beef rendang here.
The trainers and volunteers seemed experienced and comfortable with the animals although I would research it more before patronizing this institution again.
Note that brunch is a tad pricy with most dishes starting at 20+ dollars but you get a fair amount of tasty food.

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