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When asked about the school lunch program, Prince Edward County Public Schools employees stated that it was designed to interest students in healthier foods. I was at the Tribeca Whole Foods in New York City this morning to hear a presentation by John Mackey, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the company.
The crux of what John Mackey discussed was healthy eating and how the overarching philosophy of Whole Foods is to improve people’s health by emphasizing a plant-based diet. He also talked about some other very interesting initiatives, including opening stores in inner cities and a status update on the Wellness Clubs. As John Mackey correctly pointed out, he does not believe that the government, medical institutions or the food industry will work towards healthy eating reforms. Americans suffer from diseases of affluence – obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Well, Whole Foods believes that getting away from the standard American diet (SAD), which includes excess amounts of animal protein, sugar, cheese, oils (including olive oil) and processed foods, is essential. One, 95% of his customers eat some type of animal product – whether that be meat, milk, cheese, etc. Two, The China Study showed that problems occurred when animal products accounted for more than 10% of a person’s diet. 3) Healthy fats – Almost all whole foods have them, and nuts, seeds, and avocados should be eaten in small quantities.
4) Nutrient-dense food – The company launched an Aggregate Nutrient Density Index (ANDI) which assigns scores to whole foods based on nutrients per calorie.
Our government spends billions of dollars per year subsidizing genetically-modified food (which happens to pose very serious health risks), so that our people can eat plenty of cheap, unhealthy, super-processed, and fast food.

Big Ag, health care and pharmaceutical companies enjoy tremendous profits while our population gets dangerously sick.
Not only is the government doing nothing meaningful to prevent it, the leaders in Washington are enacting policies that exacerbate the problem. What the data clearly shows is that the majority of illnesses are preventable through an improved diet, and Whole Foods has decided to take it upon itself to teach people how to eat healthier.
No details were given as to where or when, since it appeared that this announcement was never supposed to have been made.
With 320 stores in three countries, this is the first time that Whole Foods will open up in a distressed inner-city location. The new 21,000 square foot location will employ 75 people and will offer the community extensive support, in terms of cooking and healthy eating classes. Taking Whole Foods to inner cities and getting fresh, healthy food to everyone is all part of the company’s mission.
People seem to love the discounts on the products and the weekly dinners but getting customers to come to the classes remains a challenge. So, Whole Foods will be launching a virtual Wellness Club in 2013, which will allow the company to decrease its membership price and give people all over the world access to classes via computer or a wireless device. It appears, however, that the five locations which are currently piloting the Wellness Club program will remain intact.
With my friends at the presentation – Elizabeth Stein (on the right), Founder of Purely Elizabeth, and Heather Terry (on the left), Co-Founder of NibMor. I’m a regular person who decided to take his physical and mental health into his own hands.

John Mackey said that 40% of us will die from heart or circulatory disease, and that 35-60% of the cancer cases are diet related. There are 10 million children who are obese, and 70% of 12 year-olds show signs of heart disease. Even though John Mackey is a vegan, he didn’t seem to have a real issue with people consuming a very small amount of animal protein in their diet. The company sees a vitally serious problem in our society and is taking real action to address it.
A A Nowadays, Americans really dona€™t start growing up until their 30 years of age and with our life expectancies hitting close to 80, that 35-year-old age restriction is simply a joke.
A It should be raised to at least 60.A This year, that would have eliminated a number of hopefuls in the GOP primaries, who really had no business running at the stage in their careers, like Sens.
A As a nation of immigrants, all American citizens should be able to run for president, whether they are born here or not.A First generation immigrants, particularly those who were born in other countries and came to the US as youngsters, should have the same shot at the presidency as their American-born peers.
A A The precedent to change the requirements for the presidency is there: The Constitution was amended after the four terms of Franklin D. A A The failings of recent inexperienced presidents and the results of the 2016 primary season illustrate a need to ensure that only the truly qualified lead our nation.
A He is a former columnist for the Sun-Sentinel and a communications strategist and attorney in Monticello, New York.

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