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Kraft Hockeyville is the search for America’s most passionate hockey towns through supporting the investment in local hockey rinks and building better communities.
If you are looking for easy dinner recipes for Mexican food, my Kale Vegetable Enchiladas made with Kraft Recipe Makers Verde Chicken Enchilada are perfect for you! These vegetable enchiladas are perfect for vegetarians, and non-vegetarians, who love Mexican food recipes and are looking for easy meals they can prepare for their family. This vegetable enchiladas recipe came about after I heard Kraft had a new product to help people like myself who are short on time and in need of easy dinner ideas.
Some people turn their noses up at meal helpers, but when you’re tired a meal helper can be a life saver. I don’t always feel like worrying and fussing over the stove, and some nights I just want to make a quick dinner and keep it pushing to my couch and DVR.
At first I planned on making Asian inspired fish tacos, but wouldn’t you know my local Super Wal-Mart had neerin a Fish Tacos Recipe Maker box in sight.

But ever the clever and resourceful cook I am, and being an enchilada recipe lover, I picked up the Kraft Recipe Makers Verde Chicken Enchilada box and kept it moving. I’m always on Pinterest looking for quick dinner ideas, easy vegetarian recipes, and vegetarian dishes for my mainly vegetarian lifestyle, so I had a spinach and black bean vegetable enchiladas recipe in the back of my mind. I knew I had kale, corn, and cheese at home so I decided to substitute my kale for spinach, and my corn for black beans, and make easy vegetable enchiladas.
Spoon mixture down the center of tortillas, roll, and place tortillas seam side down into dish. Find a wide variety of delicious and easy Kraft Foods recipes, cooking tips, and more for every meal and occasion.
If you’re making your first from-scratch crust, this step-by-step apple pie recipe is perfect. I’m not a big fan of a LOT of veggies (like green onions, regular onions, and all that stuff), but I can see how I can make this for my family and they would enjoy it!

If you’re looking for no crust at all and a nice, crunchy topping… Well, we have perfect apple crisp recipes, too! We have lots of apple info to share, including tips for cooking with apples, more apple recipes, and a guide to apple types. You could also leave off the scallions, if you like and just drizzle the lime juice over the tomatilla sauce.

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