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As if having to avoid gluten wasn’t punishment enough, packaged gluten-free products are often inferior and cost twice as much as the equivalent. Sure, there are some decent products to be had, but when you find your purse is empty halfway through the week, it’s of little comfort. I’ve put together a set of tips to ensure you halve your shopping bill but still get to eat amazing food. Don’t buy naturally gluten-free products in the freefrom aisle that are available in other aisles.
Whipping up some cupcakes is a quick way to save money (just don’t eat them all at once!). In summary, avoid supermarket gimmicks, order food on prescription, cook from scratch, make extra for lunch, use your freezer and carry snacks. Make one change a week to avoid brain overload and it won’t be long before you reap the rewards.

If you want to find more yummy gluten free recipes, check out my GF Recipes board HERE and my Paleo Recipes board HERE. As a mother of two young kids, I strive to feed my family healthy food without sacrificing flavor or taste. Many toasters now have a defrost option so you’ll be able to enjoy your bread at your own pace.
Every time you want a quick pudding you can defrost one and cover it with yogurt or cream (depending on how saintly you want to be!). About two months ago I eliminated gluten from my diet for health purposes and since I have been scouring my bloggy buddies sites and Pinterest to find the best gluten free recipes. You also, by entering, guarantee that the picture is not someone else’s work , or else has a broad  usage license (for example with stock photography put in public domain). Please consult your trusted healthcare provider before making any decisions about your health.

The cost of each cupcake is about 20p, which is SO much cheaper than buying the packaged g-f puddings in the supermarket (and you’ve got the added smugness of having made them yourself).
If you’re short on time, choose meals like baked salmon, rice and easy-to-prepare veg (like broccoli and peas).
He uploaded a picture onto a vegan Facebook page and received 300 ‘Likes’ — I made sure he credited your bakery.
Each week, we feature our 3 favorite recipes from the week before as well as the most popular recipe clicked on by our readers.

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