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Julia Child's recipe from 'Mastering the Art of French Cooking.' This makes a wonderful, moist, juicy bird.
Allow the chicken to brown slightly for 15 minutes, turning on the left side after 5 minutes, then onto the right side for the last 5 minutes. Leave chicken on its side, baste every 8 to 10 minutes, using the butter in the bottom of the roasting pan once you have used up all of the baste in your bowl. Halfway through estimated roasting time (which is 70-80 minutes; so after about 35 minutes), salt the chicken and turn it onto its other side.
15 minutes before end of estimated roasting time, salt again and flip chicken breast side up.

Add stock and boil rapidly over high heat, scraping up bits that are stuck in the pan witha wooden spoon.
Off heat just before serving, swirl in the last 1 to 2 tablespoons butter by bits until it is absorbed. Pour a spoon of the sauce onto the chicken, then pour the rest into a gravy boat and serve with the chicken.
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I have also posted the recipe for brown chicken stock, which can quite easily be simmering away as you cook the bird (you don't need the stock until the very end).
Using the homemade stock makes a huge difference in the flavour, but it can be substituted, I suppose.

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