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So much of the time, wea€™re all focused on what needs improving, the gaps and cracks, the broken places. This is a fig and ginger chicken tagine, inspired by the dishes Nabil grew up eating in Algeria. For the past year, Danny and I have been thinking about teaching classes and doing book events in our space. But for the past year, wea€™ve been thinking that we needed to make the place even prettier before we could begin.A Work just kept getting in the way of having the right napkins or even buying enough chairs to seat everyone. Starting in January, wea€™d like to invite you into our working space to cook and eat and laugh with us. We had just been in a courtroom, for all the best reasons.A The hour before, we hadA stood in front of a judge, raised our right hands, and swore that we truly a€” yes, and we mean it a€” want to be Desmonda€™s parents for the rest of our lives. I realized there was some part of my body that had been holding breath since Lucy was 18 months old and finally, that morning, finally I exhaled. What about the moments in the day when we feel so clear and calm that we dona€™t think about anything else? Wea€™re always comparing notes and readjusting and making changes on what doesna€™t feel right.

Diane Sanfilippo, Caitlin Weeks, and Nabill Boumrar, the authors of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking: Over 150 Fresh Coastal Recipes for a Relaxed, Gluten-Free LifestyleA came to meet people, talk about the food they love, and eat with everyone.
One lovely guy came all the way from Vancouver for this event, riding his bike the length of the island to find us.
There was, of course, a Kickstarter campaign, all the research and work to make that possible, a new cookbook to write, and a darling baby who entered our lives.
Ita€™s not only deeply refreshing with a watery crunch most vegetables cannot provide, but it is also considered a prebiotic, which means ita€™s good for gut health.
And by strengths, this piece was not talking about the traditional human resources kind of stock answer, like what you think your talents are, or what youa€™re best at during the day. They contained chia seeds, coconut flakes, dried apricots, sunflower seed butter, and coconut flour. Ia€™m thinking about dried cherries, hazelnuts, maple syrup, and maybe a bit of dark chocolate. She danced as a mouse in the Nutcracker all weekend, happier than we have ever seen her, and the poor kid was tuckered out. Even though I know him better than any person alive, I still ask him how he feels and what makes him tick.

But dona€™t present this dish at a holiday party and announce, a€?This is good for gut health!a€? Focus on the cool crunch of the jicama, the pop of pomegranate seeds, the way the citrus segments slide between your teeth, and the sweet acidic taste ofA this vinaigrette that brings it all together. As far as she was concerned, the freeway was boring, only a conduit to the ice cream the judge ordered us to get to celebrate.
Our landlords have a 12-acre farm, with sheep, rabbits, and chickens squawking near the garden. Wouldna€™t we have to bringA a design consultant in to spiffy up the place a€” build spare white shelves filled with perfectly placed pastel dishes or make everything reclaimed teak and marble countertops a€” before we could start teaching people there? Or, just put this jicama salad with citrus vinaigrette down on the table and let people eat. We have a professional kitchen, an island around which a clutch of people can gather, and a 24-foot-long table made for eating. As you can see from this photo, we left the calendar of Kickstarter rewards a€” the force that is driving our lives right now a€” up on the wall for the party.

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