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What would it be like wake up every morning loaded with more energy than you've had in years! Raw foods are easy to digest for most people, and they provide the maximum amount of nutrients with minimal digestive effort by your body. Imagine that you are in better shape, feel healthier, and have lost much of your excess weight. I stick to my gluten free diet religiously and find this is easy to do as there are life threatening risks for me if I don’t. I can guarantee  that this macaron “burger” was worth the risk of fructose overdose! To mitigate this ongoing strain I place on my gut, once a month I will set aside a few days to concentrate purely on nourishment and digestive health.
From the archives: My original Raw by Chris basket back in March included these raw delights. Some time ago, I was lucky enough to receive a gifted Raw by Chris basket containing a collection of fabulous raw goodies adapted to be fructose friendly that she wanted me to taste test. After a few more months of perfecting dishes in her kitchen, Raw by Chris launched a more comprehensive option to the people of Perth of one, two and three day raw baskets containing all the food you need to give your digestive system a well-deserved rest. This was a cleanse that didn’t leave me constantly hungry and is certainly one that I would recommend for those people who have struggled with adhering to a straight juice fast.

Personally I have no difficult sticking to a three day juice fast most of the time as I have been doing them every month for nearly a year now. Chompchomp paid Raw by Chris in full for this Nourish Raw basket and didn’t receive any payment for this review. Coeilacs who eat gluten raise their risks of intestinal cancer significantly along with risking developing a bunch of other horrible diseases. Some months I will do a strict 3 day juice only cleanse, and on other months if my work load is high, I will add in some raw, vegan food to supplement my caloric intake. Eating raw and vegan is a wonderful way to ease your body into the whole concept of fasting without actually missing out on food. But when the heat is on at work and I’m faced with those dreaded long 12 hour days without time to sit and rest, I find that drinking juice only can leave me short of my usual oomph and sparkle. I’ve been following Raw by Chris via Instagram and I did try some of her goodies over at Harvest (just the sweet stuff).
Raw by Chris’s food is as wonderful as it looks, was a very easy photography subject to make look pretty and colourful!I love the level of quality in both appearance and taste and it is all presented so professionally. 20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. It wasn’t until I hit my thirties that this lifestyle started to take its toll prompting me to seek medical advice when I could no longer even run without collapsing on the couch.

In contrast, I find following my fructose friendly diet much, much more difficult to adhere to. Working full-time and running a business means finding the time to prepare healthy and balanced raw meals can be tricky and I am forever searching for like-minded small businesses that are willing to cater not just for this need, but to adapt these meals to be fructose friendly. These tailored packs sound amazing though… and your photos are positively drool-worthy!!
As a direct result I was diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia which then led onto discovering my gluten and fructose issues.
Whilst eating fructose does cause some unpleasant effects, it doesn’t causing any permanent damage to my body.
I have already booked in my next cleanse for next week, getting myself ready for the Christmas time silly season and all the potential hidden fructose that this time of year may bring! I’m loving the sound of those chia puddings especially Great write up and a glowing testament to the quality of products from Chris! I consequently wax and wane from being vigilantly fructose friendly to chancing the risk of a gut ache for something tasty to eat.

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