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Hoagie sandwiches seem like a good Super Bowl party food idea to us, but I guess that’s not gross enough. We kind of like the lack of pretension in serving chili and fritos right in the bag, but man, does this look like a stomach ache waiting to ruin your Super Bowl. This one is impressive, but it seems to use a lot of cardboard and non-edible materials, which makes it definitively less gross than some of the others out there. In case you’re wondering, this one contains 5 loaves of bread, 2 kinds of tortilla chips, 2 kinds of crackers, 7 avocados (for the guacamole) and pepperoni sticks. The sheer number of bologna sandwiches used to construct this snack stadium makes us shiver. We’re getting close to the grossest, with a bacon lattice and sour cream field lines. Brown food dye and tons of processed ingredients later, you have a really gross version of deviled eggs, perfectly suited for your Super Bowl party!

We all understand that sausage is a processed meat, but Usinger’s is really putting it in our face when they shape it like a sporting good. From the kitchen of Coccadotts Cake Shop in South Carolina, via ABC News, this chicken wing cupcake recipe (which calls for vanilla frosting, bleu cheese, tobasco, and, yes, real wings) takes the cake.
For football theme birthday parties, game day get-togethers, tailgates, and Super Bowl parties – here are some creative ideas for football party food! 35 Amazing Super Bowl Party Foods That Are Guaranteed To ScoreIf your eats aren't touchdown-worthy, your team might lose.
Bacon Cheeseburger Egg RollsIt's a fried cheeseburger—what more do we have to say?Get the recipe from Delish. Buffalo-Ranch Waffle FriesThese fries go great with a side of buffalo wings.Get the recipe from Delish.
If you’re struggling with how to keep yourself from eating way too much on game day, just take a look at our gross Super Bowl food finds before you watch the game.

But Paula Deen’s apple pie was one of the grossest things we saw while making this list, so here it is.
Use of the web site constitues acceptance of the Defy Media Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This may not seem so bad, but brace yourselves: People have made football fields out of pretty disgusting food.

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