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We featured a lot of great recipes here in 2012, and there was no way we could pick just 10 to highlight.
Chinese New Year is approaching and I am sure everyone is getting ready for some steamboat (hot pot) sessions with family and friends soon. Recently we received a new year bundle courtesy of Wong Kee Noodle which enable us to enjoy our favourite hotpot without much hassle. Gosh, it's almost coming to the end of 1st quarter for 2015 and before we move on to new recipe posts. Like previous two years, mum invited our relatives to come over for lunch gathering on the second day of Chinese New Year where everyone gets together to mingle around and enjoy some homecook feast. In this post I would be sharing a few recipes on the dishes and bakes that we prepared  and I hope they might come in handy for you too. Likewise for the past few days we had being busy churning up new year goodies as gifts for relatives to show our appreciations and blessings to them.
It had being almost a week since the last day of Chinese Lunar New Year (CNY) ended on 14 February 2014. In this post I would be sharing how we celebrate Ren Ri and some of the auspicious meaning when eating Yu Sheng (??) as well as a recipe for Longevity Noodles (??). During this Chinese New Year I did baked quite a few items such as Cheesy Pineapple Rolls, Matcha Butter Cookies, Kueh Bangkit and etc as new year gifts which you can read more about it here (with recipes). And in this post I would be sharing 4 recipes on the items that I had prepared for the dessert corner during our family lunch gathering.
This is the second year we invited our relatives over for Chinese New Year lunch gathering where everyone can mingles around as well as enjoy some homecook dishes and cakes prepared by my mum and myself.
Time flies fast and today is the 4th day of Chinese Lunar New Year which I believe most of you had a great long weekend with abundant of food and bonding time during house visiting.

Here I would like to share with you how we celebrate our reunion dinners with family and relatives during the week of Chinese New Year Eve. Three more days to go before the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration begins and most of the households are busying with new year bakes such as pineapple tarts, almond cookies, love letters and etc. In this post, I am sharing some of the goodies (with recipes) that we had made till date such as Kueh Bangkit, Orr Nee, Ngoh Hiang and etc which you might be interested to try any of them during the 15 days of lunar new year feasts. Chinese Lunar New Year is less than two weeks from now and you can see lot of festive goodies available in either supermarkets, bakery shops and even most of the households are busy with making their own expertise of bakes.
Time flies, the 15 days of Chinese Lunar New Year(CNY) celebration had already ended last Sunday.
This year my mum decided to hold Chinese New Year gathering over at my place so that I could help her up with the cooking plus preparation.
With that there are many ingredients which you can add in such as seafood, vegetables, meat and many more.
With that here are some recap of our Chinese New Year gatherings with relatives and friends whom I am bless to have them with us even though we might not get together often during the year. As you know to prepare a semi-buffet for a big group of 30 people was indeed a challenging job but thanks God with past years experience we managed to get everything ready just in time for lunch. During this day most of the family will gather everyone in the household to have a feast together in order to celebrate the occasion and at the same time do a Lo Hei Yu Sheng (????) to bring in luck for the family.
Whereas for savory dishes most of us will be making the ngoh hiang (minced meat roll), braised soy duck, braised sea cucumber, chicken curry and etc. During those two weeks, we had quite a few house visiting and food gatherings among relatives and friends.
Having steamboat is a great bonding time where everyone gets to sit around the table; chatting and enjoy the food while at the same time get your hands on cooking your favourite ingredients.

But thanks to the advance social media platforms we are still able to keep in touch with each other through texts, photos or even video clips in our cozy chat groups. I am sure by now most of you have already done your new year shopping; completed your bakes and left with last minutes grocery or fresh food pick-up before reunion dinner on Wednesday.
As usual every household would either cook or cater food for the gathering where everyone enjoys the food and bonding time. Terry Robinson KnightRe: Stay Healthy with No-Mayo ColeslawHi Pam, freezing this, or any slaw is probably not a good idea. They're like little daggers that pierce the cell membranes of plant-matter (like cabbage). When you defrost it, the cells are full of Marc MatsumotoRe: Stay Healthy with No-Mayo ColeslawI'm wanting a slaw to make ahead for the freezer, and using no mayo!
I was just a bit surprised by the calorie count, but these are clearly far better for you than many other treat options. Kitchen VignettesRe: Coconut Chocolate SquaresOnce the coconut filling set up, I cut them into squares and dipped them into the chocolate.
Then I sprinkled chopped salted Marcona almonds on top and set them on wax paper to chill.So good!!

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