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Whatever your reasons are, your Diet should always be properly balanced in terms of Nutrients. Our Nutrition Calculator is designed for Microsoft Excel 2010, but will also work with Microsoft Excel 2007.
To make sure that it works on your computer you can download free version of the calculator and try to use it. Diets Plans are focused purely on Calories and neglect other important Nutrients your body needs to function well. Most Nutritional and Dietary Calculators on the Internet calculate only basic Nutritional Values: Calories, Carbohydrates, Protein or Fats. However, for a complete picture this isn’t enough! What about Vitamins, Minerals, Fiber or Cholesterol?

You can find foods with high content of all missing Vitamins and Minerals here: Foods Nutrition Facts Guide. Both our Nutrition Calculator and the FREE Foods Nutrition Facts Guide are extremely user friendly. Grab this Nutrition Calculator today and also get our eBook Nutrition Content of Foods as a bonus for FREE! To give you a better idea about the Calculator we prepared a set of detailed instructions for you. Therefore, we developed this extremely useful Calculator that does all the hard work for you. We have developed for you, our valued reader, this useful and unique Nutrition Calculator in Excel.

We do not provide technical support (except for our own errors) or perform troubleshooting of your customizations.
Food items will be displayed in the drop down list based on the Food Group selected previously.

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