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Your dog or cat may have eaten the same food for it’s entire life, and just start showing signs of allergies.
If you have a small pup with allergies or dietary restrictions, then this review is for you. Since I received samples to try first hand, I have been giving both of my dogs the petite treats on a daily basis. To learn more about the Wellness brand and the many products they offer for your pets, visit their website.
Disclosure: I received samples of WELLNESS CORE to facilitate this review but as always, opinions are my own! You may know someone who has an allergy to food like peanuts, shellfish, or some kinds of fruits or vegetables. Not every pet will have food allergies, and those with food allergies may not be allergic to the same thing.
This is because allergies develop over time, to something we (or our pets) have already been exposed to. This usually means feeding a special (often prescription) diet for the rest of your pet’s life.
I put their old bones and bags of snacks to the side so I could really see if they were enjoying them. In people, the signs of food allergies are often swelling in the mouth and airways, anaphylaxis (in severe allergies), and occasionally skin itching.

Some of the common proteins that can cause allergies in dogs and cats are from dairy, beef, or wheat gluten. First, your veterinarian will try to rule out any other cause of the skin issues (like fleas, hot spots, infections, or dry skin). There are some “hypoallergenic” treats available, but it is important to carefully read the ingredients labels to be sure you are not feeding a treat that contains the proteins your pet is allergic to. I can always tell if a treat is a big hit when they come back for seconds, thirds, and beg for fourths!
I have a slight obsession with coffee, cupcakes, capturing moments through my lens, scary movies, and my pug Chloe.
Occasionally vomiting or diarrhea may be associated with food allergies, but this is not very common. When it comes to my dogs I pay very close attention to what I am feeding them, from food to treats.
Young At Heart Mommy is my cozy corner on the web where I share how to keep the journey of motherhood fun through love, laughter and lots of caffeine. More often, vomiting or diarrhea will be related to a one-time “stomach upset” and not allergies. In an elimination diet, your dog or cat must only eat a very specific diet, one that most pets are not allergic to. Both of them tend to snub the treats I give them in hopes they are going to get something better, like a steak.

During the elimination diet trial, your pet may not eat anything else – no treats, no table food, no scraps, nothing accidentally dropped on the floor.
Even the smallest bite of a food that has the allergen in it can start a new round of allergy signs. Wellness has recently released the first-ever all natural treat line for small breed dogs just like my little Chloe Marie. I no longer have to break apart those huge dog bones in four different pieces to make them tiny enough for her little chompers! By the flavor descriptions alone they sound like a gourmet meal packed in a bite sized snack! If the signs do not resolve, this could mean one of two things – either your pet does not have food allergies, or he is allergic to something in the elimination diet. Grain-free is SO important when it comes to being the mommy of a dog with allergies and sensitive skin. I have to make a conscious effort to purchase treats and food that stray far away from any type of wheat or grain.

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