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Thata€™s a pretty shocking title for a dog mom who spends her blog earnings on premade raw dog food for three dogs.A  I launched a second blog specifically to write about what Ia€™m learning about the raw food diet for dogs.A  So why arena€™t I telling you that you need to switch your dog to raw dog food RIGHT NOW? I think the raw food diet is the best option for our dogs and I realize that (1) not all dogs can handle a raw diet and (2) not all families can afford a raw diet.A  Pressuring someone doesna€™t help change their mind or circumstances. Always remember that although you may reach out to others for their wisdom or opinion, your doga€™s nutrition is your choice and your business.
Every dog is different, but Ia€™ve heard others who have seen the same changes in their dogs and more. Is your dog healthy?A  If your dog has a compromised immune system, raw meat may not be a great idea.
Whata€™s your budget like?A  Can you afford to stock up on meat each week and where will you store it?
How big is your dog?A  How many dogs do you have?A  We order premade, because we dona€™t have the time to make raw meals for 3 dogs so wea€™ve had to make adjustments to our budget. And although not all veterinarians are on board with the raw diet; I think ita€™s important to make them aware of your diet, because they may have information that may help.

We fed our dogs the partial raw diet until June, when they were fully switched to raw.A  The transition was smooth (with the exception of the sofa incident). If you are interested in what Ia€™m learning or what to share what youa€™re learning about raw dog food and dona€™t want to feel pressured, feel free to visit my new blog Raw Dog Food Reviews. I know this article is two years old but I assume people are still reading it – as I am. It is true that the digestion rates are different but that does not mean that the raw food will sit in the gut waiting for the kibble to be broken down. If you look at how protein is digested, it seems reasonable to me to conclude that purposefully adding raw to kibble improves the ability to digest the protein within the kibble. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. To provide a gourmet hot dog stand on wheels that is accessible to Angelino hot dog enthusiasts all over the city. California Dog-beef dog topped with avocado, arugula, tomatoes, fried onions and topped with basil aioli.

Portabello Cheese Steak-(Vegetarian Option) Grilled Portabello mushrooms, peppers and onions, all topped with melted cheese.
Private events: The Dogtown Dog truck is available for catering for events throughout the greater Los Angeles Area.
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His coat was falling out, dry skin, nasty breath, smelly ears, shedding a lot, he just looked really, really sick.

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