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She's going to hike her way up the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), which is a 2,663 mile trail that runs along the western edge of the United States from the Mexican border up through California, Oregon and Washington until it reaches Canada. For the duration of Lauryn's hike, my little sister will be one of her "bases" and send her packages to designated points with dehydrated food.
I remember on the last go around she got so tired of eating lentils, oatmeal, and ramen that she couldn't imagine ever noshing on them again. So to help Lauryn and my sister come up with recipe ideas before and during the hike, I'm creating this round-up of dehydrated food recipes.

Oftentimes you can use your oven on it's lowest setting (mine only goes to 170 degrees), but if you want to preserve live enzymes, a dehydrator is a must.
So far I've used my oven to make homemade beef jerky (for holiday gifts), almond pulp and coconut flour, but I want a dehydrator so I can make soaked or sprouted granola bars. Hopefully, these recipes will inspire you to preserve the spring and summer bounty of fruits and veggies this year, so you can save lots of dough by purchasing everything in season. Also, as I mentioned above, if you don't own a dehydrator, you can still make many of these recipes using the lowest setting on your oven.

These will be essential as she can only carry so much with her at any given point in her pack. She's a self-taught cook and passionate about spreading basic cooking skills and information about real foods.

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