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STAMPA LA RICETTAQueste girelle di mozzarella farcite possono fungere da piatto unico,antipasto o stuzzichino fresco tipo finger food estivo, la mia farcitura e molto semplice…( non troppo,con quel pizzico di brio ma senza grandi pretese) ma l’accostamento per me e perfetto! Srotolate la sfoglia di mozzarella e spalmate la senape su tutta la superficie in uno strato sottilissimo.
Se lo preparate con largo anticipo riavvolgetelo nella sua carta e ponetelo in frigo per poi affettarlo in rondelle di circa 2 cm solo poco prima di servire. Io avendole preparate per pranzo ho voluto accompagnarle con delle carote affettate con una grattugia a fori larghi condita con un pizzico di sale e un cucchiaino d’olio. Se volete prepararle come finger food per gli ospiti potreste infilarle in uno spiedino di legno alternando a dei piccoli pomodorini,in modo che l’ospite possa facilmente prenderlo e mangiarlo con comodita. This is a food-and-photo blog where I try to capture my own experience of Italy through various recipes and photographs of what I eat and what I see. The series of Gluten-free Fridays continue, today my post has a duplicate purpose, not only as a gluten-free recipe but it is also an entry for the HotM, the theme is Finger Food this month and I think an entry with gluten-free heart healthy finger food is perfect! I think they can be kept in the fridge for a while if it isn’t for too long though I never tried it, but I’m sure they taste good at room temperature! Has anyone made these a day ahead, refrigerated and then served next day at room temperature? I think it probably works but you have to be careful because rice is one of those foods that easily can get bad. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Parents of children in my pediatrics practice often ask me what to give their babies and toddlers when they get tired of the baby “mush”. Soft cooked vegetables– Carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, string beans and other veggies are great foods for babies when cooked. Toast– Spread whole wheat toast with overripe fruit, hummus or cream cheese and cut into small squares or triangles.

Meatballs– Take ground beef or turkey, add in other sauteed veggies and form into small balls. Homemade jello– Make with plain gelatin, unsweetened juice and other soft fruit and cut into small cubes. Healthy muffins– Muffins made with whole grains and added ingredients like flax and wheat germ can be a great way to get extra fiber and nutrients into the diet. Sweet Potatoes– Instead of the mushy baby food version, dice or cut into strips and roast lightly with a spray of olive oil until softened. My son is 13 months and we are having alot of trouble getting him to take any consistency of food other than purees. I am very lucky to know some great feeding specialists like Melanie Potock who have taught me some great tricks. With every developmental skill, like walking and talking, there is an age range for development of that skill.
I hope you too will join in, not only will you contribute to our recipe base with heart healthy dishes but as it is HotM‘s second anniversary, you can also win prizes!
Basically I made them for a vegetarian friend, but three-quarters of the way through chopping the olives I realised that they were stuffed with anchovies, and I had no other olives – so I then spent an age finding and picking out the tiny bits of anchovy, and then, just to make sure, rinsing the olives.
I have to say that I have always eaten day old rice and never had any problems with bacterias etc. Although salt and extra sugar is not necessary, try lightly seasoning foods with cinnamon, pepper, garlic powder, fresh or dried herbs.
Multiple exposures to food are often necessary for children to develop a liking to a new food (in many cases, 12-15 times!) Try blending a food that a child doesn’t like with another food they like to get them use to it. Always supervise new eaters when they are eating finger foods, even foods they are used to. Most babies start purees at about 6 months old and some can progress quickly to more complex textures.

Check out all the details here.I really like finger food, it is fun and easy to eat and usually it doesn’t take a lot of time! Mind you, my brother in law did not like them, but he dislikes olives and semi-dried tomatoes, silly man. These tastes will get them used to new flavors and lay the foundation for an adventurous eater. At around 9 months kids become able to feed themselves but not all will be ready for all types of textures and finger foods.
And it is pretty food too, I wonder if it is because has a kind of doll’s house aspect about it that I find it so inspiring to make. Have you tried blanching veggies to give them more moisture and make them a little soft but still crunchy? Start with the softest and easiest for the gums, new teeth and saliva to break down and slowly advance the textures and complexity as the child can tolerate. The little 5 year old girl in me, sitting there in her pink tutu and her fairy wand, raging to get out and run havoc in my adult life. When I was a student, I remember that me and my friends were fascinated by a woman that we used to see around who dressed exactly like a 5 year old in the middle of her pink princess phase, long blond curls a la Shirley Temple and pink and creme clothes.
You may try small bites, the size of diced frozen veggies and try placing them firmly on the place where his molars are emerging. We use this trick in our preschool camps and it works just great (the that case the kids put the food in their own mouths!) Be patient as you introduce new tastes and textures, keep trying and if you feel you are not making headway then ask your pediatrician for a referral to a Pediatric Feeding Specialist (SLP who specializes in feeding). Nothing wrong with that but I just don’t have that kind of character that so I hope that making finger food will keep my inner girl happy and content.

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