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I’ve received a lot of flak because the grapes in this picture are not cut up, even though I clearly state in the article that cutting them up is a good idea. I think it’s sad that it would be easier to change your picture including whole grapes because people are not responsible enough to read an article prior to passing judgement.
My 9 month old baby refuses to be spoon fed and only wants to eat on his own (which makes a huge mess for me!). Btw, I really like your site in general Your a great writer and have good insight into practical and loving parenting! A child shower is often a customary technique of celebrating the arrival (or perhaps the birth) of a new infant and welcoming him or her as a new member from the loved ones.
Some considerations that you should take note of would be the time of the day of the party. I could not find a free picture for cut up grapes, so please use common sense for your kids.
I use blogging as my creative outlet, swimming as my physical outlet, and the rest of my life revolves around my husband and girls (18 months apart). We try to avoid processed foods for our 12-month-old and I’ve been feeling a real lack of finger food inspiration lately. It is a celebration of an incoming child and the welcoming of a soon-to-be mom, and celebrations like this should never be taken lightly. Well, just in case your life sounds similar…here is a list of ideas I have brainstormed.

When I was at the hospital about to give birth (close to 15 minutes before the actual birth in fact), my little sister called us crying.
My little loves everything, and at home eats whatever I do, but I’m constantly looking for easy on-the-go snacks and there are a few on here I never thought of. It had been when considered improper for household members to host infant showers (because they ordinarily center on the gift ideas), but these days it is fine for household members to assist (and program) them… Probably the most critical considerations for a Baby Shower, essentially for virtually any party, will be the food that is definitely served. With newer party plans and themes being instigated, more and more party tricks can be done to make your party a blast!
The most common baby shower foods to serve are those that require lesser preparation, like sandwiches, and soups. I add different vegetables to it (peas, carrots, tomatoes, etc) and my little boy loves it!
The more I read about the junk that’s in a lot of things these days, the more I want to turn to the companies that are doing things right!
The elbows pasta is nice because it’s one less thing that I have to chop into tiny little bites!
Know if they are more of the pizza, mashed potato type of group, or one who has taste for anything exquisite like roast pork blended in pineapple juice or baked oysters.
Usually, simple baby shower food like, finger foods, are the best options for easy eating and no-fuss preparations. So please…make sure you know how to do the heimlich…you never know when you will have to do it (and make sure babysitters know it too)!

Doing so would ensure that your guests will truly have fun and full tummies during the party. We must introduce her to finger foods in all their variety before little miss toddler starts brainwashing her with her silly ideas. Also, there are going to be things on here that you might never feed your children, this list is meant to be general and apply to households in the masses I try to avoid processed foods, but occasionally they have been real lifesavers. For a Hawaiian-themed party, you can go gaga on pineapples and tasty fruit juices adorned in hibiscus. For a Mexican theme, you can invest in chili corn salsa, nachos and dips, tortillas and more. A guest list has to become picked, the invites transmitted, the venue decorated, games and party favors arranged and finally and most importantly, a menu has to be chosen. With that you can also add in pinatas, maracas, and buntings in the area for a touch of Mexican culture. Impress everyone with your ability to coordinate your selected baby shower card and food to your party’s theme. Right here couple of ideas on picking child shower recipes and several suggested foods for baby showers.

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