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Planning a party and looking for some ideas for finger buffets that are practical, tasty, and impressive?
Below, you'll find a couple of recipes for some of my favorite finger food appetizer recipes for a buffet.
Now, read on for some more great ideas for finger buffets-- including some of my favorite recipe ideas for party finger foods! One of my favorite serving ideas for finger buffets is the "one bite" Chinese spoon, as pictured. Almost anything you can make full-sized, from soups and stews to salads and mousses, you can make into a Chinese spoon appetizer idea.

This works great when you want to offer your guests small sandwiches or crackers or party toasts with toppings. Walk into any Spanish pintxos (mini-tapas, pronounced "peen-chose") restaurant, and you'll just see one huge finger food buffet. Serving note: If your little tomatoes have a tendency to roll around, you can cut a small slice from the bottom of each one to give them a flat base.
Made with puff pastry, creamy brie cheese, and caramelized onions, these French-style savory "palmiers" are the perfect idea for finger buffets. Sign up for my free newsletter, and get a free e-cookbook or other fun download sent right to your inbox every month.
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After all, what better way to pass on your knowledge than to share it with other hosts and hostesses?
Cut your mozzarella into little cubes-- they should be the right size to fit inside a tomato. Sprinkle pastry with half of your chopped brie, half of your caramelized onions, and half of your caraway seeds. Roll each end (roll the long ends in, not the short ones) towards the center of the pastry, until they meet in the middle.

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