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You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. The Legend of Zelda CD-i (Compact Disk interactive) games were developed in late 1993 as a partnership between the Dutch electronics company Philips and the Japanese videogame publisher Nintendo to encourage production of CD-based games.[2] The CD-i games were received overall negatively and are still considered some of the worst games of all time. Upon release, all of the Zelda CD-i games were criticized heavily for their bad gameplay, horrendous controls, confusing design, and ridiculous cartoon cutscenes. King Harkinian is a popular inclusion in videos on YouTube, gaining large usage in remixes and Youtube Poops. In the opening scene of the CD-i game The Legend of Zelda: Faces of Evil (seen above), King Harkinian’s line “My boy, this peace is what all true warriors strive for” has gained a large popularity. I was already planning on telling you today what my favorite thing was (of course it’s chocolate), but as I was sitting there last night, this blog post kept growing in my head.
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Nintendo never acknowledged them in the Zelda timeline, and therefore they are considered to be in a separate, self-contained, canon.
Their full motion video cutscenes have become widely available through video-sharing websites like YouTube. Many of his lines and phrases, such as “Mah Boi”, and “Dinner,” are particularly popular in these videos. However, several YouTube Poops have portrayed him as idiotic, stupid and sometimes even a villain, as well as uttering his phrases like “Mah Boi” and “Dinner”. There are tons of great gift ideas in here…or even just ideas when you need to splurge on yourself a bit! Hollywood tape is my favorite, it keeps everything in place and prevents any wardrobe malfunctions.
Maybe the Californians don’t need these gloves I just bought this weekend, but had I had them for the OSU v.

My name is Jane Maynard and you've landed yourself on my blog, This Week for Dinner™. Various scenes and phrases used by him within the games have gained him quite a following on the web, being one of the most common characters used in Youtube Poops.
These elements can often be found back in various Youtube Poops surrounding King Harkinian. Michigan football game last month I might not have about frostbitten my fingers taking pictures!
Everyone presented their favorite items to the group, explaining why they were so wonderful, then we pulled names from a bowl and everyone went home with three gifts that were other peoples’ favorite things.

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