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Losing belly fat seems to be a strenuous prospect for people who wish to trim the inches around their waist. The good news is there are lots of exercises that can help you do that, but the bigger problem is really the food you eat. Hold the pose for one minute or more, allowing any tension to release and then move back into the starting position. This is a nice easy posture, suitable for beginners and can also be done by pregnant women. Breathe in, curl your toes underneath and drop your stomach so that your back arches and your gaze shifts to the ceiling.
Breathe out, rest your feet and then round your spine, dropping bodyweight leg exercises head down and directing your gaze towards your naval.
This posture conditions your abdominal muscles and massages your internal organs whilst improving the suppleness of your spine.

This posture strengthens and tones your abdomen, helps to ease lower back pain and sciatica and restores balance to your exercises for losing belly fat system. They try different means to get rid of the belly fat like dieting, avoiding carbohydrates and so on but to no avail. Child’s pose also helps to relieve stress, increase relaxation of the spine, lower back and shoulders. Make sure that your wrists are underneath your shoulders and also that your knees are aligned with your hips. Repeat these stretches up to 5 times using the breath and imagine yourself as a cat stretching up and down. Belly fat is stubborn fat and it takes a lot of patience and our easy tips of losing the belly fat to see the desired effect. Your spine should be straight and your neck comfortable in a natural extension of your spine.

Stretch your arms out to the side and make sure that you can feel your back nicely against the floor. Then slowly, roll your body to your left, your right foot will be touching the floor and your left leg bent still underneath. Your eyes should be facing up towards the ceiling.  Hold the position for a few deep breathes and then return to the centre and then repeat on the other side of the body.

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