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It’s based on a recipe by Lorna Sass called Quinoa Salpicon, a sort of South American version of the Middle Eastern grain salad tabouli, with lots of parsley as in tabouli but using quinoa instead of bulgur wheat. I took the original salad and added a few ingredients–the corn and chili powder to enhance its South American flavor and the chickpeas to complement its Middle Eastern roots. To cook the quinoa in a pressure cooker, place it and the water, garlic, and salt in the cooker and lock the lid.
Susan,I feel compelled to comment since I've made this salad about 10 times in the past year. Sounds wonderful, but I have an aversion to bitter heat…do you have a pepper suggestion to replace the jalapeno?
I never thought of jalapeno as bitter, so maybe I’m not the best person to answer this question.
I just made a mistake but with no bad results; I forgot to buy tomatoes and parsley and for some reason i got confused with the greek salad so I ended mixing black olives. Just getting familiar with your website and saw that someone asked the same question so I have my answer. I am wondering if the scallions in your recipe are scallions (mild small onions with flat side)or green onions ( I see green onions in your picture) thanks! I love this recipe, but I cook for one and I hate to waste food, even though it still happens way too often (I buy fresh produce that only comes in large quantities, especially alfalfa sprouts, but can never eat all of it before it goes bad) and as far as I know, no veggie broth comes in 3 tbsp amounts, I do know one that has four individual packets of 1 cup, but what can I do with leftover broth, does freezing it work? I made a similar salad to this some time ago, I am thinking of putting some acocado in the dressing and whizing it in the blender before pouring it over the salad.
I have never cared for olive oil on my quinoa – thanks for taking some of the guesswork out! Even if you are not a vegan, hopefully you’ll still find some tasty and healthy recipes on these vegan blogs. I found and loved Good Girl Gone Green a long time ago and adore her mixture of delicious vegan recipes and green living articles.

I actually bought Amber Shea’s book, Practically Raw before finding her blog Chef Amber Shea. If you are inspired to try out some more vegan recipes, this is a recipe book I have that I can find literally anything I want in as there is just so much. Wow Katherine, I feel seriously honoured being included with all these amazing bloggers and women! I just have to say, I love your blog too- I love your fresh honesty and delicious take on smoothies. Thanks for sharing, visiting from the better mom, where we are neighbors ;) I’m planning to become a vegetarian very soon, so found the information very useful, thanks! I was just afraid that it wouldn’t be as tasty–and who can stand to see a favorite dish diminished? All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. My friend and I started walking and make our Friday night walks extra enticing by making a healthy dinner.
I am going to try it again without using any salt and using salt free broth and see if it is still as good. I did swith a few ingridients,well more then a few.I used a lemon even though I was warned not to,lol, but thats all I had. Bring it to a boil, reduce heat to low, cover, and cook until the water is absorbed, about 15 minutes. I now think that it’s a little silly to cook it in the pressure cooker when it only takes 15 minutes in a regular pot. I made if for July 4th and again last night for a potluck, where it was loved by all (and appreciated by the gluten-free folks!). To have you include me with such established popular bloggers made me all warm and fuzzy inside.

I am so glad I have gotten to know you through blogging and I hope one day we actually get to meet! I am by no means a vegan, or vegitarian… but I eat alot of vegan foods due to dietary allergies and such. The result is wonderful–tiny pearls of quinoa drenched in tangy, chili-seasoned dressing, with cubes of avocado that melt in your mouth and cucumbers and chickpeas for a little bit of crunch. Lentils instead of chikpeas and some other veggies and I did used some olive oil cause didn`t had veg. I leave out the chipotle pepper based on my own personal tastes, and I am amazed at what a great oil-free dressing this is! There are a couple of bloggers that I know (and love) on your list, but a bunch of extras I’ve never heard of. It was a staple food of the people in the Andes Mountains in Peru and Bolivia and was considered a sacred grain of the Incas. I prefer this dish warm instead of chilled, so I mix in the tomatoes, avocado, scallions, cucumber, mint, parsley, and jalepeno to the quinoa when the quinoa has just finished cooking and then add heated chickpeas and corn to it.
Then, my neighbor came over last night and brought me cucumbers from her garden, so i added it to the leftovers. Chickpeas were first cultivated around 7000 years ago in Turkey, but their use spread from there to western Europe, and they’ve become an important part of the diets of many cultures. I love salad lunches in the summer, and lunch is always the biggest challenge for me in the vegan lifestyle.

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