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If you're ready to trim that waistline consider adding the following belly fat burning foods to your balanced diet to accompany regular exercise. Many people avoid beans because they can cause gas, but these fat burning foods also offer protein, fiber and iron. When adding beans to your diet avoid dishes like baked beans which are usually loaded with sugar. High protein foods are belly fat burners because it takes more energy (calories) to digest protein than it does to digest fat.
Green tea is known for its fat burning qualities because it contains EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which stimulates calorie burning.
When trying to lose belly fat many people think they need to give up fat all together, but our bodies need fat for energy. The seeds can be ground in a mill or coffee grinder to make it easy to add to a number of dishes.

Almonds contain protein, fiber, and healthy fats, which allows your body to slowly release insulin instead of causing a flood of this hormone all at once. Dark leafy greens are high in fiber and low in calories, so they fill you up without filling your belly out.
Eat fat burning foods while also enjoying an exercise program to help banish belly fat for good! Recent studies have removed the "unhealthy" stigma from eggs which are high in protein and vitamin B12. Some studies show capsaicin helps regulate insulin production, which is a must for blasting belly fat.
Because they are high in fiber and calorically dense, almonds are also satiating, which helps control hunger pangs.
This can keep you satiated longer, allowing you to control your caloric intake, which is essential in fighting belly fat.

First, live bacteria cultures of the good bacteria help prevent bloating by building healthy bacterial colonies in the intestines. While diets that include these foods can help burn belly fat, exercise plays an important role as well. It also contains healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which studies suggest can be helpful at combating stress. This slow burn helps prevent insulin spikes and other hormonal secretions that build belly fat. Stress releases cortisol, which contributes to belly fat, so omega-3s can be helpful in fighting tummy flab.

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