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This book will provide slow cooker aficionados with expert advice on choosing the right slow cooker, tips on ideal foods for slow cooking, and of course, a wide range of great-tasting recipes.Whether you're a busy working parent cooking for a family or a hostess preparing make-ahead appetizers for a party, there's no question that the slow cooker makes preparing any meal quick and hassle-free.
The huge range of recipes highlights the versatility of the slow cooker -- there are 253 recipes in all, for tempting dishes such as Hot Artichoke Dip, Sweet Corn Chowder, No-Fuss Lasagna, Turkey Mole, Hungarian Goulash, French Toast Casserole, and Chocolate Creme Brulee.

All the recipes include straightforward instructions and call for basic, fresh ingredients, and most dishes require only one pot to prepare.
With expert advice on all things slow cooker and recipes for beloved classics and innovative new dishes, Slow and Easy is a must-have for every slow cooker devotee.

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