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Healthy snack for kids -Nuts Honey Bar Recipe- Mothers are always concerned of their picky eaters whether they are toddlers or teen ages. Wise food choices are extremely important for your child’s health and development.  That’s why we would like to share with some ideas about how to make those healthy choices. Halloween is just around the corner and I’m sure your kids are all ready for trick or treating. Tip: I prefer to shred my own cheese as the strips come out longer and a little thicker than the all-ready shredded cheeses sold in stores.
Halloween Treats with a Fun and Hip Vibe for Kids - […] are these witch’s broomstick treats made from shredded cheese strips and pretzels! Beat egg in a bowl with a spoon and set aside.Mix all chopped dry fruits and nuts in a large bowl.

Brushing after meals protects young teeth, and sets the course for a life long healthy habit! Before all the candy, try this last minute healthy Halloween snacks that your kids will sure love.
Kudos to Little Inspiration for this healthy change from all the sweets given out on Halloween. Here you can find easy craft tutorials, kid projects, motherhood topics, family favorite recipes & more.
When you choose snack for kids , instead of depending ready-made snacks available in packets try to make something healthy at home with your little ones involvement.Children often eats pretty well with their friends .
Today’s recipe is an extremely healthy baked snack bar of dry fruits ,nuts, honey for sweetening and a single egg and an spoon of flour for binding.

They provide high calories and gives energy for whole day for your active kids. Honey is a natural immune system booster excellent for kids to keep them healthy. Nuts dry fruits and honey bar can be easily baked at home by chopping all ingredients and mix with an egg, a spoon of flour. Serve whole family as a healthy evening snack with fresh juice or a cup of hot coffee or tea.

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