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I get SO many messages and emails from people telling me that they are exercising and eating healthy, but they still aren’t seeing results.
For example, TurboFire [9] may be challenging for some, where others may need Insanity Max:30 [10] to be challenged. Here is my personal definition of eating clean: eating unprocessed foods in the proper ratios and portion size. Okay, so you’ve read through that and your definition of exercise and clean eating is the SAME as mine!

If you need help in answering these questions and figuring out what is going to work for you, please check out my DROP A DRESS SIZE [13] group!!
Depending on your fitness level, something that may be easy for one person may be extremely difficult for another.
I hear this all the time, “I eat healthy!” But is healthy the same as eating clean?
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Good luck losing weight when your morning starts out with a meal that is mostly carbs an contains NO healthy fat or protein.

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